Create Facebook ads from mobile – iPhone VIDEO (NO EDITING)

Have you ever used Facebook’s mobile app to create a Facebook campaign from scratch? I must say that until very recently I didn’t. I do pop into the app to check the reports from time to time, I sometimes change the budget for an ad set or turn ON/OFF an ad, but that was about all.

If you don’t have Facebook’s mobile app already, you can get it from here:

Facebook Ads Manager for iOS

Facebook Ads Manager for Android

Using the app is dead simple and very intuitive. I’ve recorded the process in this short video. The is the actual footage made from an iPhone, with no editing at all:

There are just 5 main steps:

  1. Select the ad format and the image(s).
  2. Configure the ad: landing URL, add an extra image (optional), text, placements, call to action.
  3. Audience: you can configure a new one or select a pre-existing audience
  4. Budget and Schedule
  5. Review and Place Order

Did I like it? Yes, definitely. It makes everything look simple and it works fast.

Will I use it from now on? Maybe, but not as my main ads tool.  I still prefer the “normal” Ads Manager.

There are a few things missing (or that I didn’t found):

I wasn’t able to name my campaign, the ad set or the ads themselves. This seems such a simple feature, I suspect I simply didn’t see it.

I could test only two images on a single image template. I prefer the desktop version where you can deploy a larger number of ads at once.

I found no way to add UTMs to the URLs. This is something really important to me since I like to double check my ads results using Google Analytics.


Facebook Ads Manager App can be a great tool when you need some quick action. It’s even better if want to use some creatives from your phone, like pictures or videos.

It can’t replace the main Ads Manager, but it can definitely help when you need it.

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