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Automatically deploy the Google Ads tag (former AdWords) on your WordPress website. Easily insert and track conversion, or run remarketing campaigns. Dynamic Remarketing & Conversion Value for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

Dynamic Remarketing for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

Google Ads Remarketing

The plugin will automatically implement the Dynamic Remarketing Events on your website.

Track Conversions

Transform any WooCommerce or EDD event into a Google Ads conversion with NO coding.

Track Conversion Value

Automatically track conversion values.

Automatically track key actions with the Signal event

The Signal event has various triggers and you can use it to create audiences.

Internal or External Clicks

This trigger fires the Signal event when someone clicks on a link or button. There are additional parameters you can use: text (the text of the link of the button), and target_url.

Watch Video

This trigger fires the Signal event when a YouTube or Vimeo embedded video is played. It tracks the video name and ID as parameters.

Email Links

This trigger fires the Signal event when the user clicks on an email. 

Phone Links

This trigger fires the Signal event when the user clicks on a phone number. The phone number must use the default tel: marckup. 


This trigger fires the Signal event when a form’s button is clicked. It has specific parameters: text, form_class, form_id.

User Sign-up

This trigger fires the Signal event when a new WordPress account is created.


This trigger fires the Signal event when a downloadable file is clicked. Specific parameters: download_type, download_name, download_url


This trigger fires the Signal event when a comment is added. 

Fire your own Google Ads events on key actions

You can easily configure and fire your own events in order to track any specific important actions. Transform any event into a Conversion.

URL Visit

Fire events for speciffic URLs. You have flexible conditions, “contains” or “match”.

Clicks on CSS Selector

With Clicks on CSS Selector you can target clicks on any speciffic element from your pages.

Clicks on URL

Fire events when your visitors click on speciffic URLs.

Page Scroll

Fire events when one or more pages are scrolled up to a percent.

Mouse Over

Fire events when the mouse moves over a speciffic element.

Post Type

Fire events based on WordPress post_type.

Google Consent Mode V2

Google Consent Mode V2 support with ConsentMagic.

Dedicated filters for Google Consent Mode parameters. 

Option to always send Google Consent Mode parameters with the Google Tags.

GDPR & Consent

We have dedicated filters that can be used by developers to disable tracking and we integrate with 4 different “cookie consent” plugins. 

Dedicated integration with

WPML Integration

If you use WPML, you can fire different pixels for each language. This feature is part of the Super Pack.

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Google Consent Mode V2

How to enable Google Consent Mode V2