Implement the Google Ads Remarketing Tag with just one click

Automatically deploy the Google Ads tag (former AdWords) on your WordPress website. Easily insert and track conversion, or run remarketing campaigns.

Dynamic Remarketing & Conversion Value for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

The plugin is so useful, we could easily sell it for $1000. But we don’t! Find out the actual prices:

Implement the Google Ads Tag and configure conversions

Every action will be tracked by our Global Events so you can create targeted audiences for remarketing. You can easily implement Google Ads conversions.

Dynamic Remarketing for WooCommerce and EDD

All the e-commerce specific events fired on WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads will have the required parameters for Dynamic Remarketing. You can select between the Retail or Custom verticals.

Your Google Ads Global Events will track every action

The plugin will automatically fire the Global Events on key actions like clicks, video views, forms, or comments. Use them to build targeted audiences for remarketing, or to find new clients via similar audiences.

Track any click

Track embedded YouTube or Vimeo video views

Track forms

Track comments

Track searches

Track user registration

Track downloads

The Google Ads Tag will be automatically implemented on all your WordPress site pages

Simply copy/paste your Google Ads AW id in a dedicated field and the tag will be inserted on every page, making your website ready for Remarketing.

You can easily implement and track conversions on key actions

You can configure Google Ads conversion to be fired when someone visits a page, clicks on links or buttons, on page scroll, mouse over an element, or when another default PixelYourSite event is fired (like a WooCommerce Purchase, for example).

WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads events will be ready for Dynamic Remarketing

E-commerce specific events fired on WooCommerce or EDD pages will have the required parameters for Dynamic Remarketing. If you use Google Merchant you can use the Retail Vertical. If you can’t use Google Merchant, you can use a custom feed and the Custom Vertical set-up.

Track WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads conversion value

Transform any WooCommerce or EDD event into a Google Ads conversion with NO coding. Automatically track conversion values.

GDPR support

We have dedicated filters that can be used by developers to disable tracking and we integrate with 4 different “cookie consent” plugins.

The plugin is so useful, we could easily sell it for $1000. But we don’t! Find out the actual prices: