How to add your Pinterest Tag with PixelYourSite

How to implement the Pinterest Tag with PixelYourSite WordPress plugin.

This step by step guide will show you how to implement the Pinterest Tag with no coding. Key actions will be tracked by our Global Events, and e-commerce specific events are fired on WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

What is PixelYourSite

PixelYourSite is a powerful WordPress Tag Manager plugin that implements the Pinterest Tag, the Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Ads Tag, and any custom script.

How is the Pinterest Tag implemented

Pinterest is implemented via a free add-on. This means that you will need to install PixelYourSite Pro or Free version in order for it to work.

Step 1: Install the PixelYourSite plugin

The free Pinterest Tag add-on works with both PixelYourSite Pro and Free versions.

You can get PixelYourSite Pro from here.

You can download PixelYourSite Free from here.

Step 2: Get the Pinterest Tag free add-on

Download the free add-on from here.

Step 3: Install the Pinterest Tag add-on and activate its license

Once you sign up for the add-on you’ll have immediate access to the files. You’ll have a download link on the “thank you page”, you’ll get them via an email, and you’ll have access to an account on our website. Download the files to your computer.

Upload and install the add-on using the default WordPress procedure for external plugins. After you install it, activate the license key you’ll get from us.

You can find more help here.

Step 4: Add your Pinterest Tag ID

After the add-on is installed you’ll find a Pinterest Tag dedicated field on the PixelYourSite dashboard. Add your tag ID and you’ll all set.

You can find more help here.

Get the PixelYourSite plugin:

Download PixelYourSite Pro from here

Download PixelYourSite Free from here

Get the Pinterest Tag add-on:

Download the free add-on from here

Install the add-on and add your tag ID:

Learn how to do it from our help page

Common Questions

Do I need PixelYourSite?

Yes, the Pinterest Tag is an add-on and will require PixelYourSite Pro or Free plugins.

Will it work with the Super-Pack?

Yes, it will work with the Super-Pack (1.2 and above). However, Pinterest doesn’t allow more than one tag on a page, so the multi-tag add-on won’t work.

Where to get the add-on files?

Click on the DOWNLOAD FREE button and add your email and name. You will find the files on the Thank You Page, right after you complete your data. We will also send you an email with them, or you can download them at any time from your account.

How to install the add-on?

Download the files on your computer
Open your WordPress admin and go to Plugins > Add New
Click on Upload Plugin and then on Chose file. Select the plugin files from where you downloaded them and click Install now.
Activate the plugin

Do I get updates?

Yes, you will get updates like for any other WordPress plugin.

How to test the tag?

You can test your Pinterest tag with the Pinterest Tag Helper Chrome add-on.

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