Install the Pinterest tag on WordPress using PixelYourSite

You will need the main PixelYourSite plugin (free or paid version) and our dedicated Pinterest add-on.


This is our main plugin, and you must install it on your website BEFORE proceeding to install Pinterest. 

How to install the PixelYourSite free plugin:

  • Open your WordPress admin and click on Plugins > Add new. 
  • Search for PixelYourSite
  • Click Install, then click Activate.

Get the Pinterest add-on

Now you need to get your paid Pinterest add-on.

Download the add-on from here.

Install the Pinterest add-on

Once you sign up for the add-on you’ll have immediate access to the files. You’ll have a download link on the “thank you page”, you’ll get them via email, and you’ll have access to an account on our website.

Download the files to your computer.

Upload and install the add-on using the default WordPress procedure for external plugins:

  • Open your WordPress admin and click on Plugins > Add new. 
  • Click Upload file, click Choose File, and select the files from your computer.
  • Install, and activate.

After you install it, activate the license key you’ll get from us.

Watch this video for full instructions:

Add your Pinterest tag ID and claim your website

After the add-on is installed you’ll find a Pinterest Tag dedicated field on the PixelYourSite dashboard. Add your tag ID.

Watch this video for full instructions:

Your Pinterest tag is up and running

Once you complete these steps, your Pinterest tag will start to send data. 

Clear your caches, if you have any.

You can test your tag using the Pinterest Tag Helper Chrome extension.

If you use WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, we will send the product ID to all e-commerce specific events. You can control the ID logic from your PixelYourSite plugin, WooCommerce page. 

Upload your WooCommerce products to Pinterest

If you use WooCommerce, you can upload your products to a Pinterest catalog using a feed. 

We have this dedicated plugin that can create WooCommerce feeds for Facebook Product Catalogs, Google Merchant, and Pinterest: Product Catalog Feed for WooCommerce

Google Consent Mode V2

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