WooCommerce First-Party Reports

Find out what ads generate your WooCommerce orders using UTMs, discover your traffic sources and landing pages. Visualize your data inside the plugin, or download it as CSV.

Get detailed info about products sold by each campaign, ad set, or ad.

Traffic source

Landing page






Understand how your WooCommerce orders originate

PixelYourSite Professional will track key info about each WooCommerce order: traffic source, landing, and a number of UTMs.

View and Download your data

You’ll see it when you edit an order, in the “New Order” email shop admins get, and a dedicated WooCommerce Reports page inside the plugin.

What are UTMs

UTMs, or Urchin Tracking Module parameters are small pieces of code you can add to your ads, or any links pointing to your site. They help you attribute sales to campaigns. You can use UTMs with your Meta ads, Google ads, any ads in general, newsletter emails, affiliate links, and so on.

Add UTMs to your ads and other traffic sources

PixelYourSite comes with copy/paste UTMs templates for Meta, Google, Pinterest, Bing, and TikTok. The templates will automatically get the campaign, ad set, and ad names. You also have an UTM builder to create all sorts of UTMs for your other traffic sources.

Track UTMs for your WooCommerce orders

PixelYourSite will track UTMs and associate them to each WooCommerce order. This will allow you to understand what source, medium, campaign, ad set, or ad generated each sale.  This data is available through a WooCommerce Reports section, on the order’s page, and in the “New Order” email web admins get.

What products were sold by an ad

The reports will show you lots of valuable insights, including a list of the products related to each source, landing page, or UTM. This way you will know what items each campaign, ad set, or ad sold. That’s valuable information that Meta, Google, Pinterest, Bing, or TikTok don’t show you with their reports.

Ads and orders

The reports will display a list with all the order IDs related to each source, landing page, or UTM with a direct link to the order’s page for more insights.

First-Party Traking

Unlike the Meta Pixel, Google Analytics, Pinterest, or TikTok tags, our plugin is first-party tracking. We don’t use external scripts to gather this data, and we use only first-party cookies. Your WooCommerce site builds its own analytics.

It's YOUR data

This data is tracked by your site and stored on your site’s database. It’s not hosted on external servers, is not shared with other services, and is not seen by anyone else. You own it!

Overcome iOS 14.5 privacy limitations

While Meta (Facebook) can have difficulties in correctly attributing sales on iOS devices, these reports will get the data as a first-party tool, on your site, from your own customers. 

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