Send your data with pixels and APIs

PixelYourSite has API support for the most important tags


Meta Conversion API

Meta Conversion API allows you to send all events using both the tag (pixel) and the API. Meta will deduplicate the data, ensuring that events don’t get counted twice. 

This is a video explaining how to enable Meta Conversion API using PixelYourSite:

Multiple Meta pixels with Conversion API support

Meta allows you to configure multiple tags (pixels) with API support. Watch this video to learn more:

Test your Meta Pixel and CAPI events

Testing your events is relatively easy. Watch this video to lean how to do it:

TikTok Tag API

TikTok has a similar approach to Meta and allows you to send events using the tag and API. Deduplication will ensure the data is not processed twice. This is how you can configure TikTok API tracking with PixelYourSite Professional:

Testing TikTok Tag and API events

This video shows you how to test the TikTok tag and API events:

Pinterest Tag and API

Pinterest supports both tag and API events, the same way Meta and TikTok do. This video shows you how to configure API when using the PixelYourSite Pinterest add-on:

Testing Pinterest Tag and API events

This video shows you how to test your Pinterest tag and API events:

Google Analytics Measurement Protocol

Google Analytics can’t deduplicate tag and API events. It means you can only send your events using the tag (pixel) or Measurement Protocol.  The data colected by the tag is wider and more usefl, so the default method should be tag. Because of this, Measurement Protocol becomes a rather limited backup option for key events like Purhcase. 

PixelYourSite Professional can send Purhcase evennts for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads using Measurement Protocol if the default tag Purhcase event was not fired for a transaction. Watch this video to lean more:

Google Consent Mode V2

How to enable Google Consent Mode V2