Track WordPress FORMS with events

Send Lead or custom events to Meta, Google, Bing, Pinterest, or TikTok. Improve Meta CAPI events EMQ.

Fire Lead events on form submission

Learn how to fire a LEAD event that tracks a particular form on your website.
Send these Lead events to any of the tags integrated with PixelYourSite: Meta (browser and CAPI events), Google Analytics, Google Ads, Microsoft Bing, Pinterest, or TikTok.

If you use any of the following plugins, PixelYourSite Professional has a dedicated event trigger that lets you select what form will fire the event: Contact Form 7, Forminator, WP Forms, Formidable Pro, Ninja Forms, and Fluent Forms.

If your form is configured by other plugins, you can use a trigger called “Click on CSS Selector” and target the form’s button.

Both scenarios are explained in this video:

Track any WordPress form automatically

PixelYourSite automatically fires a custom event called “Form” anytime your users submit any form on your website. 

The event has a number of parameters that allow you to identify which form triggered the event. 

Using the Form event and its parameters you can create audiences or conversions. 

We send the event to almost all tags integrated with PixelYourSite: Meta, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Bing, and Pinterest. TikTok doesn’t support custom events, so it won’t get them. 

The event is fired when a form is successfully submitted for the following plugins: Contact Form 7, Forminator, WP Forms, Formidable Pro, Ninja Forms, and Fluent Forms. 

Forms created with other plugins will fire the event when the submit button gets clicked.

This is a feature that both our free and paid users get. Learn more from this video:

Improve Meta CAPI EMQ score

Event Match Quality (EMQ) tells you how well Meta manages to match a Conversion API event to a user. 

The score can be improved if you’re able to send data keys like email, first name, last name, or phone.

When a form that contains such data is submitted, PixelYourSite Professional can detect and use it for all subsequent CAPI events.

Watch this video to learn how to configure the plugin in order to improve your EMQ score: 

Why tracking forms is important

Firing an event when one of your forms is submitted will help you:

  • Get insights about your users’ activity on Google Analytics.
  • Optimize and measure Google Ads with a conversion.
  • Optimize and measure your Meta ads with a custom conversion.
  • Retarget or build Lookalikes with Meta custom audiences.
  • Optimize and measure Microsoft Ads with conversion goals.
  • Retarget users with Microsoft audiences.
  • Retarget users with Pinterest audiences. 
  • Retarget users with TikTok audiences, or optimize your ads with conversions.

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