Head/Footer Scripts

Inject ANY script inside your site head or footer with PixelYourSite Pro

What Scripts Can You Add? ANY!

You can insert the Pinterest Tag, the Twitter Pixel, or Google Analytics, Google Remarketing, Zendesk, a Live Chat tool, affiliate tracking pixels and so on. We use it on this site to insert ActivaCampaig tracking script, for example.

It is very flexible

Head and Footer

You can insert the scripts anywhere you need to.

Filter by device

Show the scripts to all devices, to desktop only, or to mobile only.

Global or per page scripts

Insert global scripts, or per page scripts. Decide if you want to hide the scripts on a particular page.

WooCommerce order-received scripts

Insert scripts on the WooCommerce thank you page

Easily fire any scripts when someone completes a transaction on your WooCommerce site.

Hide global scripts on the WooCommerce thank you page

You have the option to hide the global scripts on the order-received page.

Use custom variables

Customize your scripts with variables

You can use: [id], [title], [categories], [email], [first_name], [last_name]

WooCommerce and EDD variables

You can use: [order_number], [order_subtotal], [order_total], [currency]

Get it now, It's part of PixelYourSite Pro

Not only that you can manage your Facebook pixel in style, but you can add any script with a single plugin