Head and Footer Scripts - PixelYourSite Professional

Insert ANY scripts your pages head or footer with our dedicated feature. It has a special option for WooCommerce order-received page as well.

Add ANY script you need

Add the Google Ads Tag on your WooCommerce or EDD website with no extra coding.

Filter by device

Run the scripts on all devices, on desktop only, or on mobile only.

Global or per-page scripts

Insert scripts on all your pages, or per-page scripts.

Hide global scripts

You can hide global scripts on particular pages.


Due to the way WooCommerce order-received is configured, adding scripts on this page can be challenging. That’s why we’ve added a special feature that will help you insert anything there.

WooCommerce thank you page

Easily fire any scripts when someone completes a transaction on your WooCommerce site.

Hide global scripts

Hide the global scripts on the WooCommerce thank you page. Useful to fire a different script configuration for your clients.

Dynamic Values

You can use: , ,

Dynamic Values

Customise your scripts with dynamic variables You can use: , , , , ,

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