Smart OpenGraph

OpenGraph tags with Facebook Product Catalog support.

Install the OpenGraph microdata that allows Facebook to automatically build a Product Catalog when someone visits your WooCommerce products.

OpenGraph helps social platforms to better understand your website’s content

The WooCommerce implementation will allow Facebook to create a Product Catalog based on pixel events.

OpenGraph tags are added on any WordPress page, not just on WooCommerce products.

OpenGraph is supported not only by Facebook but by any social platform.

What does the Smart OpenGraph plugin do?

If you have the Facebook pixel installed on your website and the required OpenGraph microdata on your product pages, you can use the activity your pixel captures to build Facebook Product Catalogs.

When the pixel fires on your website for a product, the product is added to your catalog.

The plugin inserts the mandatory microdata on WooCommerce product pages.

Is OpenGraph useful for products only?

No, the OpenGraph is useful for any type of content.

The plugin will insert the tags on any WordPress page, improving the way it is shared on social media websites.

You have flexible options to control what data the tags will use, optimizing the way your content is shared across social media.

Does OpenGraph work with Facebook only?

No, OpenGraph will work on a lot of other platforms. Google, Linkedin, Twitter, they all recognise the OpenGraph tags.

WooCommerce Integration

Facebook Product Catalog requires a number of OpenGraph tags on your product pages. The plugin will add them and you have settings to configure how they work.

Product Image

You can use the WooCommerce product image, add custom images, or use Yoast or Facebook Product Catalog Feed Pro plugins images.

Product Name

You can use the WooCommerce product title add custom titles, or use Yoast titles.

Product Description

You can select between WooCommerce default or short description, add a custom description, or use Yoast description.

Product Condition

You can configure “condition” for each product and a global “condition” to use when there’s nothing on the product level.

Product Brand

The plugin will try to detect if any brand is set for your products, but you can also define rules for when the brand is missing.

OpenGraph Tags On Any WordPress Content

The plugin will add tags on all your website pages and you can control what data should be used.


Content feature image is used, but you can add a custom image, use Yoast’s image, or configure a global image.


The content title is used, but you can add custom titles, or use Yoast’s titles.


Content description is used, but you can add custom descriptions or use Yoast’s descriptions.

Smart Features You Can Use

It works with other OpenGraph solutions

Maybe you have OpenGraph tags added by other plugins or by your theme. Our plugin will recognize them and you have the option to keep or replace them.

Easy to customise

You can add custom titles, images or descriptions for any post or product.

It allows global or per-product/post custom values.

It works with Yoast and Product Catalog Feed Pro

If you already have some custom settings (title, descriptions, images) via the popular Yoast plugin, they can be used as tag values. The same is true for our Product Catalog Feed Pro plugin.

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