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Track every action on your WordPress site. Enhance Ecommerce for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Run experiments with Google Optimize.

Automatically track key actions

The plugin will automatically fire the Global Events on key actions like clicks, video views, forms, or comments. They can be useful for your reports, Goals, Google Ads Audiences, and Similar Audiences.


Fired on every click, it tracks internal and external links, and the link’s text.


Fired when a YouTube or Vimeo embedded video is played. It has multiple triggers, and it tracks the video name and ID.


Tracks searches made on your website. It differentiates between WordPress and WooCommerce searches, and it tracks the searched string.


Fired by form submit, it tracks the form’s label (text on the button) and CSS class.

User Registration

Fired when a new WordPress account is created.


Fired when users download files. It tracks the download’s name, type, and URL.


Fired when a comment is added. It tracks the name of the commented content.

Fire your own Google Analytics events on key actions

You can easily configure and fire your own events in order to track any specific important actions. Use them for Audiences and Similar Audiences inside Google Ads.

URL Visit

Fire events for speciffic URLs. You have flexible conditions, “contains” or “match”.

Clicks on CSS Selector

With Clicks on CSS Selector you can target clicks on any speciffic element from your pages.

Clicks on URL

Fire events when your visitors click on speciffic URLs.

Page Scroll

Fire events when one or more pages are scrolled up to a percent.

Mouse Over

Fire events when the mouse moves over a speciffic element.

Post Type

Fire events based on WordPress post_type.

Enhanced Ecommerce for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

The plugin will automatically implement Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce tracking on your store.


The purchase event will be fired on the “Thank You Page” (order-received), tracking transaction’s value, tax, shipping, products, and product categories.


The begin_checkout event will be fired on your Checkout Page. Checkout_progress will record name, email, place order.

Add to cart

The add_to_cart event will fire on the add to cart button clicks. You can fire it on the Cart Page or on the Checkout Page too.

Remove from cart

The remove_from_cart event will fire when products are removed from the cart by your users

Product categories

Product categories will be tracked, letting you know where are your best performers


The view_item event will be inserted on your single product pages

Affiliate products

WooCommerce affiliate products button clicks can fire a generate_lead event

List performance

WooCommerce categories, searches and related products are tracked as lists.


Fired when client reaches a minimum number of transactions. You can define this number, by default is 2.


Fired when a client reaches a minimum number of transactions and a minimum average order value. By default is set at 3 transactions and an average value of 200.


Fired when the client LifeTime Value reaches a minimum. By default is set at 500, but you can change it as you want.

Track the conversion’s REAL time

The problem: Google Analytics reports will use your account time zone. If you target a global audience, you won’t be able to tell at what time your clients convert (their time, not yours).

The solution: That’s why we’ve added your visitors’ browser time (hour interval, day, month) as custom dimensions to all our events.

Your advantage: You can now see the actual time your visitors convert. It’s easier to approach them when is more likely they’ll take action

Google Optimize

PixelYourSite lets you prepare your website for Google Optimize with no coding effort. Simply add your container ID in our dedicated field and you’re good to go. The anti-flicker snippet is automatically inserted too.

Google Optimize allows you to test variants of web pages and see how they perform against an objective that you specify.

IP Anonymization

No personal data is sent to Google Analytics. However, some legislation will consider the IP as a personal information. You have an option to anonymise the IP addresses of hits sent to Google Analytics


Enable the Google Analytics User-ID and create a special Google Analytics property that track just your logged-in users. 


We have dedicated filters that can be used by developers to disable tracking and we integrate with 4 different “cookie consent” plugins.

WPML Integration

If you use WPML, you can fire different Google Analytics for each language. This feature is part of the Super Pack.

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