Product Catalog Feed for WooCommerce

Create auto-updated WooCommerce feeds for:

One Plugin, Different Feed Types

Facebook Product Catalog Feeds

Auto-updated XML feeds that will upload your products to Facebook Product Catalogs.

You can also download the feed as XML or CSV documents.

Google Merchant Feeds

Auto-updated XML feeds for Google Merchant.

You can also download the feed as XML or CSV documents.

Google Custom Feeds

If Google Merchant is not available in your country you can use a “custom feed” format for your Google Ads (former AdWords) remarketing campaigns.

Pinterest Catalogs

Auto-updated XML feeds for Pinterest Catalogs.

You can also download the feed as XML or CSV documents.

Fallback Logic

The plugin will try to use the best value for each feed filed. If it can’t find it, will look for the next best possible match. You can uncheck any of the default options on a feed-based level.

Manage Multiple Feeds

Easily edit, copy URL, regenerate, download or delete any of your feeds.

Keep your inventory up to date

Your feeds will be hosted on your own server and you can use a dedicated URL to upload them to Facebook or Google.

The plugin will automatically regenerate the feeds on preset intervals.

Flexible Google Taxonomy Options

You can configure Google Taxonomy on the product level, category level, plugin level, and even at feed level.

Create the feeds you want

Exclude variations from your feeds, control how “grouped” and “bundle” product work, filter products by category, product type, stock, or sale.

Customize each product

Exclude a product from all your feeds, define its condition, add MPN or GTIN, select Google Taxonomy, or add two extra images that can be used for your feeds. You can also replace the default product URL with a custom one.

Promote your recent or best-selling products

The plugin will add the “smart tags” on all your feeds under the “custo_label_0” field.

The “recent_product” tag will be added to your most recent products.

The “top-30-days” tag will be added to your best-selling products in the last 30 days.

You can control how many products will get these tags.

Use them to create Product Sets on Facebook, and Product Groups on Google Merchant.

Extra Product Fields

The plugin ads a number of useful extra fields to all your products and variations.

Map Existing Product Attributes

If you already have Google Merchant specific data as Product Attribute, you can map it to the correct field feed from the plugin’s main page.

Integrations with other plugins

WooCommerce Smart Prices Integration

The feed plugin is fully compatible with our WooCommerce Smart Prices plugin.

Dynamic prices and sales prices configured with WooCommerce Smart Prices will be used by the feeds.

Product Catalog Feed for WooCommerce is used by thousands of businesses like yours

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you have a question about PixelYourSite plugins? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

You will find the files and the license key on the Thank You Page, right after you pay. We also email you the download links, and you have them inside your account with us.

Download the files on your computer
Open your WordPress admin and go to Plugins > Add New
Click on Upload Plugin and then on Chose file. Select the plugin files from where you downloaded them and click Install now.
Activate the plugin

Open the PixelYourSite Pro plugin from the left menu. If you your license is not activated, you will be asked to do so. Copy/paste the license key in the dedicated field and activate it.

Immediately after you buy the plugin you will get an email with your new login data

Yes, an invoice is generated for each transaction. You can find it on the Thank You Page, in our Purchase Confirmation email, or directly in your account.

Yes, if you have a valid license, updates will work automatically.

You will find the help links directly in the plugin.

Yes, we do. Please try to find the answer to your problem in the help pages, because we put a lot of effort to cover every common problem right there. If you can’t find your answer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes, it will, but you will not get updates and support without a valid license. Expired licenses can’t be activated on new websites.

Yes, we do, we currently offer a 40% discount for renewals.

The Bundle Deals we might have will not have a renewal discount.

Yes, for most products it will. You can cancel auto-renewals from inside your account. We send 2 emails before auto-renewals are processed, a month and 2 weeks before.

Yes, we do. 

If the plugin doesn’t work, you can ask for a refund during the first 14 days. Read our refund policy here.

Yes, it does. We tested it with the most common cache plugins out there and most, if not all our clients are having some form of cache installed on their website. You will most likely need to clean your cache after the plugin install.

We recommend at least PHP 5.5. The older version might have problems, and we don’t support PHP 5.2 (that’s a 2011 version, folks!).

You need to have the mb_string extension enabled on your server. Don’t worry, this is a very common setting and you probably have it. If you don’t, you can simply ask your hosting company to enable it.


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