Persuade your visitors to agree to tracking, while respecting the legal requirements

Geo-Targeted Rules

Show the right consent message to each visitor. Target traffic based on their location's laws.

Automatically block scripts & cookies

Block tracking when needed. Make sure you don't break the law by tracking users that didn't express their consent.

Cookies & Script Scanner

Scan your website for tracking scripts and cookies. Inform your visitors about how you track their data.


The front-end text is translated into 25 languages. Add any extra language you need. It works with WPML or any WordPress multilingual plugin.

ConsentMagic is perfect for every WordPress website

Create Rules with different Consent Types and target your visitors based on their location

Configure consent the way you need it

Each "Rule" can use a different consent type

Just inform

Show a banner telling your users that you use scripts, cookies, and tracking technologies.


Inform and opt-out

Show a banner telling your users that you use scripts, cookies and tracking technologies. Give them the option to opt-out of tracking and select what categories of scripts and cookies they allow.


Ask before tracking

Block tracking and ask for permission to use scripts, cookies and tracking technologies. Let your users “allow all”, or select what categories are permitted.


Block scripts and cookies when you need to

Cookies and scripts are organised in categories and your visitors can express consent for all or each category

Smart script-blocking technology

Control the most common scripts and cookies.

The plugin can automatically identify and block the most common scripts and cookies.

Scripts and cookies scan

Scan your site for pre-defined scripts, manually configured scripts, and any cookies. 

Use shortcodes to display scripts and cookies, informing your users about them.

Manually add cookies or scripts

Add scripts and cookies manually when needed. 

Google Fonts and GDPR

Google Fonts API can track your visitors IPs and break GDPR

Scan your website for Google Fonts

ConsentMagic can scan your website and detect Google Fonts API.

Inform and ask permission

You can inform your visitors about the use of Google Fonts and ask their permission when needed.

Replace with locally hosted fonts

If a visitor doesn’t accent Google Fonts, the plugin can replace them with locally hosted fonts. 

Google Consent Mode V2

Use Google Consent Mode for tags fired by PixelYourSite

It works with PixelYourSite

Google Analytics and Google Ads tags fired by the PixelYourSite plugin can use Google Consent Mode V2.

Use Consent Mode instead of blocking

ConsentMagic will not block Google’s tags when missing consent but instead will instruct PixelYourSite to send the consent parameters with value “denied”.

Google will process the data differently

When consent is denied, new cookies will not be set for advertising purposes. Additionally, third-party cookies previously set on and will not be used except for spam and fraud purposes. Data sent to Google will still include the full page URL, including any ad click information in the URL parameters.

Pre-defined rules

The plugin comes with ready-made rules targeting speciffic locations. You can edit or adjust them according to your needs.


Visitors coming from GDPR countries will be ask to agree to tracking. Scripts and cookies will be blocked until consent is given. Consent can be given for all, or speciffic categories like Analytics, Marketing, Embedded Video, Facebook Advanced Matching or server-side events.


Visitors from California will be informed about tracking. They can agree or block tracking scripts and cookies. Consent can be given for all, or speciffic categories like Analytics, Marketing, Embedded Video, Facebook Advanced Matching or server-side events.

Rest of the World Rule

Visitors will be informed about scripts and cookies.

Create custom rules​

You can configure your own rules targeting countries or regions. ​

Target locations

Fire your own rules based on the visitor's locations.

Use the right Consent Type

Each rule can have a different consent type:

Smart options

Persuade your visitors to agree to tracking with smart options like:

Get ConsentMagic and start managing consent

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ConsentMagic is perfect for every WordPress website

Frequently Asked Questions

Virtually ANY WordPress website owner who needs to inform visitors about cookies and tracking scripts. 

No, ConsentMagic works with any tracking or pixel plugin. 

ConsentMagic is a WordPress plugin and doesn’t work on Shopify. 

Yes, in fact we have a ready-made GDPR rule that targets visitors from GDPR countries.

Yes, in fact we have a ready-made CCPA rule that targets visitors from California.

Yes, you can create your own rules and target any country you want.

Download the files on your computer Open your WordPress admin and go to Plugins > Add New Click on Upload Plugin and then on Chose file. Select the plugin files from where you downloaded them and click Install now. Activate the plugin

Yes, if you have a valid license, updates will work automatically. You can also download the latest version of the plugin from your account.

Yes, you can.

If the plugin doesn’t work, you can ask for a refund during the first 14 days. Read our refund policy here.

Google Consent Mode V2

How to enable Google Consent Mode V2