WooCommerce Smart Prices

Configure smart dynamic prices for your WooCommerce products

It’s fully integrated with our Product Catalog for WooCommerce plugin

Boost Conversion with Smart Discounts

Create urgency and increase the conversion rate

With Smart Discounts you can configure auto-expireing sales prices with flexible conditions.

Dynamic prices that work with feeds

The problem: no sales prices in the catalog

A lot of our users were complaining that their sales prices were not visible in their product catalogs (Meta, Google, Pinterest). When investigating, we always stumbled on the same issue: they didn’t use the default WooCommerce sales prices.

Third-party plugins were the cause

They use third-party plugins that failed to fully follow the WooCommerce sale prices logic. The result was clear: the sales prices were visible on the front end, but our feed plugin could not detect them.

The solution: our own dynamic prices plugin

Adding support for all the small third-party plugins on the market seems like a tedious task, so we build our own plugin. WooCommerce Smart Prices lets you configure rules for dynamic prices, and it’s fully integrated with our Product Catalog Feed for WooCommerce plugin. 

Your catalogs will show the correct prices and sale prices

No more problems with Meta Product Catalogs or Google Merchant. The prices and sale prices are picked up by the feeds and correctly uploaded to your product catalogs.

Use flexible discount rules

Fix discount

Setup a fix discount for any product you want.

Percent discount

Configure a percent discount and apply it to all or just some products.

Fix price

Overwrite the default prices with fix price rules.

Apply the dynamic prices to all, or just some products

Flexible targeting

Apply the discounts to all products, or create flexible conditions based on product lists, categories lists, tags, variations, or sale status.

Multiple targeting conditions

Use multiple targeting conditions and define the AND/OR logic for each rule.

Control when the dynamic prices will be applied

Run continuously

Apply the dynamic prices for as long as the rule is active

Run between dates

Apply the dynamic prices between selected dates.

WooCommerce Smart Prices early adaptor offer

WooCommerce Smart Prices is still in beta and we are working on new features and capabilities.

Until then, enjoy these “early adaptor” prices:


Up to 100 websites
$ 200
  • Renew Every Year


Up to 10 websites
$ 99
  • Renew Every Year


1 websites
$ 90
  • Renew Every Year

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