CartFlows Integration

PixelYourSite integrates with CartFlows and lets you track landing pages, upsells, downsales, optins, order bumps, and transactions.

Facebook Conversion API for ALL CartFlows events, including Purchases

The Facebook Pixel

Facebook Conversion API

Google Analytics

Google Ads Tag

The Pinterest Tag

Free add-on

The Bing Tag

Paid add-on

Improved Standard Events for CartFlows

PixelYourSite will fire the appropriate Standard Events on each CartFlows step. These events have all the required parameters for Facebook Dynamic Ads, Google Dynamic Remarketing, Pinterest, and Bing. 


The ViewContent event is fired on CartFlows Landing Pages.


AddToCart is fired when your visitors accept an offer, an upsale, a downsale, or an order bump.


InitiateCheckout is fired on the CartFlows checkout pages. 


Lead events are fired when Optins are taken. 


Purchase is fired when a CartFlows transaction takes place. We have the appropriate logic to capture Upsales and Downsales. 

Custom Events to track each CartFlows step

PixelYourSite will fire Custom Events for each CartFlows step or action. The events have useful parameters that let you identify exactly the CartFlows step. They will help you track CartFlows activity with no effort, and will let you configure useful audiences on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, or Bing. 


This event is fired on every CartFlows page. You can use it to create broad audiences for all visitors of CartFlows pages.


The event is fired on each CartFlos Landing page.


The events is fired on each CartFlows Upsale step.


The event is fired on each CartFlows downsale step.


The event is fired on each CartFlows Optin step.


The event is fired on each CartFlows checkout page.


The event is fired when an order bump is taken.


The event is fired on each CartFlows Thank You page.

CartFlows Parameters

PixelYourSite will track a useful set of parameters for ALL standard or custom events associated with CartFlows actions. These parameters will help you create audiences or custom conversions on Facebook, Google, Pinterest, or Bing.


This general parameter lets you identify actions associated with CartFlows.


This parameter tracks the flow’s name. You can use it to identify any actions for a specific flow. 


This parameter tracks the step name. You can use it to identify any action for a specific step. 

Dedicated CartFlows tags/pixels

With PixelYourSite you can configure dedicated Facebook Pixel, Facebook Conversion API, Google Analytics, Google Ads Tag, Pinterest Tag, or Bing Tag to track just your CartFlows activity. 

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