How Facebook Conversion API can help small businesses with a cookie-less environment challenges

The ads ecosystem is changing. As we move toward a more privacy-conscious world, large companies are focusing on ways to enrich their customers’ digital experiences, through personalization using data they control. But what does this mean for smaller businesses? How can they overcome these same challenges with a much smaller pool of resources?

Without data monetization, in this new era of advertising small businesses will find it hard and impossible in some cases to understand their customers, find new clients, and offer goods and services at competitive prices. This could lead to higher customer acquisition costs.

It’s important to highlight that this does not just impact small online businesses. This affects any business with an online presence.

How is PixelYourSite helping small businesses with Facebook Conversion API?

Our users are mostly small businesses. Some are e-commerce businesses selling physical products, some sell services, some do online training or courses. They understand Conversion API as the solution that will help them monetize their data in a cookieless environment and also personalize and optimize their Facebook campaigns.

Conversion API is not just about the “traditional conversion”

For most, conversions are equal to purchases, or maybe an add to cart or a lead.

But Conversion API is not just about purchases or add-to-cart actions. In fact, you can send everything with the Conversion API. 

From a simple website visit (PageView Event) to Lead Events. You can craft your own custom events to track and measure engagement. 

Our clients use PixelYourSite to identify and send any meaningful action with CAPI events: 

  • Click on links to other pages of your website (browsing your website);
  • Click on links to other websites (affiliate links);
  • Clicks on phone numbers, or emails;
  • Watching an embedded video;
  • Downloading files;
  • Commenting on your posts;
  • The time spent on your website;
  • Scrolling the page;
  • Or event the number of pages visited by a use;

Everything can be an important signal sent using Conversion API. 

If you think about it, a visitor that watched 90% of your video about your product has an obvious interest that you can monetize later. 

If someone comments on your blog posts, that person might be very well a potential buyer. 

An experienced advertiser will know how to use all these signals captured by Conversion API.

Facebook Conversion API and privacy

Facebook Conversions API is not a way to cheat privacy regulations and track your users without their informed consent. This is why PixelYourSite has invested in ways to help our clients manage user privacy.

It is also important to remember there are various legal frameworks regulating consent, like GDPR or CCPA that impact our mutual customers.

When we think about privacy-compliant marketing, we tell our clients to think about:

  • Informing your users about what data you track;
  • Explaining to them how and why you use this data;
  • Sometimes you must offer a working opt-out;
  • Sometimes you must get their consent before tracking them;

All these conditions DO apply to Conversion API.

This is why we came up with a WordPress plugin that helps our clients to manage consent, a plugin called ConsentMagic.

If you think about personalization and privacy upfront, you then have the tools to make better-informed decisions and deliver better products and services. Coupled with targeted ads, you can reach the right audiences and reduce the overall cost of reaching your customers.

Your website visitors and your clients are in fact your ultimate partners. They benefit from your competitive prices and well-tailored offers. With privacy at the forefront of your mind, you can help to build a trusted relationship with them.

A comprehensive strategy for small businesses to monetize their data on Facebook will include:

  • Implement Facebook Conversion API.
  • Inform and get consent from your users.
  • Track and send key data using Conversion API. Don’t do it just for ultimate interactions (Purchase or Leads), do it for any significant signal you can capture. 
  • Use this data to create Custom Audiences, Lookalikes, and Custom Conversions.

 This can then help you:

  • Retarget people that are engaged with your website (clicks, comments, video views, contact forms, etc). Move them one step at a time up to the final goal (purchases). 
  • Create Lookalikes for your most valuable audiences (Purchase, Lead, any meaningful interaction). 
  • Optimize your ads for the desired result. Use Standard Events (like Purchase), or Custom Conversions (optimize for embedded video views for example).

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