Already a client? Upgrade your current license to the Bundle Plus license

With the Bundle Plus license you have access to ALL our plugins

PixelYourSite Professional and ConsentMagic included

If you want to upgrade to a different license, the process is the same

How much you’ll pay?

You will pay the difference between the price of the license you upgrade from and the price of the Bundle you want to get, calculated for the remaining time of your license – Time-Based Proration.

When will the Bundle license expire?

The Bundle license will expire on the same date as the license you upgrade from.

If you upgrade from a lifetime license, the Bundle license expires in one year.

How much is the Bundle license renewal?

The Bundle license renewal cost is the normal Bundle license price:

  • Bundle Agency: $799
  • Bundle Advanced: $269

Click on “View Licenses”

Login to your account and click on the “View Licenses” link.



Login using the email you provided when you purchase your plugin. We emailed you the password after your first transaction with us. On the login page there is a password recovery link, in case you need, it.

Click on “View Upgrades”

Click on the “View Upgrades” link.

Click on “Upgrade License”

Click on the “Upgrade License” link.

Complete your transaction.

After you upgrade

You will have a link inside your account leading to a page from where you can download all your plugins.

You will have a NEW license key that will work with ALL your plugins.

The new license key will work with your current plugins too. You don’t have to replace the current plugins’ files.

Bundle license auto-renewal

Your new Bundle Plus license will auto-renew on the date the old license was set to expire. It’s best to keep it active.

Other licenses auto-renewals

If you have other plugins from us beside the one you upgraded, it’s possible that you have auto-renewals for them too. You can cancel them. 

Login to your account and click on “Your Subscriptions”. You will see all your auto-renewals.

Don’t cancel the Bundle Plus auto-renewal.

Expiration messages for other licenses

If you have other plugins from us beside the one you upgraded, it’s possible to get expiration emails. Ignore them, and make sure you use the Bundle Plus license key with all your plugins.

Google Consent Mode V2

How to enable Google Consent Mode V2