The Boost Plugin

Boost your conversion with social proof

Automatically capture and show recent visitors’ activity as nice, auto-vanishing pop-ups. We call them BOOSTS.

WordPress plugin with dedicated WooCommerce integration.

The Boost Plugin will increase your conversion rate with virtually no effort

It’s very easy to use. You don’t have to enter a single line of code.

It will improve your marketing, creating TRUST and URGENCY

It’s super-flexible, working with ANY type of forms, WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

It’s a WordPress plugin, so you’ll have total control

No LEGAL problems

You’ll avoid all the legal risks of sharing your data with third-party services.


It integrates directly into your website, so it doesn’t have to guess your users’ actions.

It’s all yours

You have access to all the boosts’ data, and you can edit or delete them as you wish.

It will work right away

It can use pre-existing clients’ info to create boosts, so you don’t have to wait.

You can capture and show ALL types of interactions


Capture add to cart clicks, transactions or specific transactions. Show them automatically to your visitors. Stock messages can also be configured.


Every time a form is completed, the data will be automatically captured and converted into a boost. It’s extremely easy to configure, and super-versatile.


It works in the same way as the WooCommerce integration. Every interaction can be used for boosts, creating urgency and trust.

It’s easy to configure with just a few clicks

1. Select your trigger

It can be anything: ANY type of forms or pop-ups WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads transactions, specific transactions, add to cart clicks, or stock information

2. Customize your message

You can use “automatic data”, like the user’s name, location, time, or product title. You can also select from a number of great-looking templates, and configure the boost position.

3. Decide where to show your new boost

Select what pages or parts of your website to target with your boosts.

4. Your boost is ready

Each interaction will be captured. New visitors will start to see the boosts.

Create convincing messages using dynamic keywords

You can personalize your messages with dynamic keyworkds like: NAME, PRODUCT WITH LINK, PRODUCT NAME, STOCK, TOWN, STATE, COUNTRY, TIME.

Track and use the location for any type of boosts

Location will be tracked and saved automatically. Use it in your “boosts” messages to improve credibility and authenticity.

Profanity filter

Keep your messages safe by filtering out any profanities. We have a built-in filter with 5989 words from all languages, but you can also add your own banned words.

Beautiful DESKTOP and MOBILE templates

6 desktop templates that will attract attention:

Select one or more templates and decide between squared or round messages

6 mobile templates that will look great

You can use one or more mobile-friendly templates

Improve conversion with The Boost Plugin

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