WooCommerce Cost of Goods

Add the cost of your products, calculate profit for each order, use profit as your Facebook conversion value.

Add the cost of goods

Calculate PROFIT

Track TOTAL & PROFIT for Facebook Ads

Adding the Cost of Goods (COG) is easy

Add COG manually

You can manually add the COG to any product, create category rules, or a global rule.

Export/Import CSV

You can export a CSV with all your products, add the cost, and import it back.

Use WooCommerce import

You can add the COG using WooCommerce default import plugin.

Profit is automatically calculated

Old orders

You can run a script that calculates profit for your existing orders.

New orders

The plugin calculates profit for new orders.


In case you need it, there is a button to recalculate profit for any order.

Cost & Profit Reports

You’ll have a new “Cost of Goods” section under WooCommerce Analytics.

Use PROFIT as Facebook Pixel Events value

WooCommerce related events fired by PixelYourSite can use the PROFIT as value.

Track both TOTAL & PROFIT

You can send the TOTAL as Facebook Purchase Event value, and the PROFIT as CompleteRegistration Event value.

You can configure the CompleteRegistration to fire just server-side (not visible on browser). This will make your profit invisible to anyone.

It works with PixelYourSite WooCommerce Reports

PixelYourSite Professional WooCommerce reports will allow you to track the Cost and Profit for each Traffic Source, Landing page, and UTMs.

Using UTMs you can identify what campaigns generated your sales and calculate your cost and profit.

Get the WooCommerce Cost of Goods plugin

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Up to 100 websites
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  • Add COG
  • Calculate Profit
  • Use Profit for Facebook Ads


Up to 10 websites
$ 99
  • Add COG
  • Calculate Profit
  • Use Profit for Facebook Ads


1 websites
$ 90
  • Add COG
  • Calculate Profit
  • Use Profit for Facebook Ads

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