Please read carefully before sending a support request:

  • If you just installed the pixel on your site but you can’t see it with Pixel Helper, make sure that you delete the site cache and you don’t test with an excluded role. It’s also important not to use an ad blocker since some of them are blocking the pixel. Please read this short article to find out more possible causes and solutions.
  • If your Custom Audiences show size “Not available” or -1, it’s a Facebook technical issue: read more here
  • If you see an error related to a Facebook Pixel Event Missing Value Parameter, please watch this video.
  • We don’t actively support custom development, so please don’t ask a question about how to modify the plugins’ code, or how to write code related to our plugins.

  • If you renew your license but you still see an expiration warning, deactivate and activate the license again from inside your plugin. DON’T replace your old key.

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