Our support will be slower than usual these days. On a normal day is not unexpected to hear back from us in hours, if not minutes, but it will take a little longer now.

We will do our best to answer in 24 hours or less. Thank you for your understanding. 

Send your message by using the form below. We will do our best to get back to you fast.

Please read carefully before sending a support request:

  • If you are into your account and you see a blank page when you click on View Licenses > Manage Sites, there is a bug with the plugin we are using to manage this part (Easy Digital Downloads Software License). We are waiting for a fix. You can deactivate licenses directly from the plugin on your website. If it’s not possible, send us your license key and we will help.
  • If you just installed the pixel on your site but you can’t see it with Pixel Helper, make sure that you delete the site cache and you don’t test with an excluded role. It’s also important not to use an ad blocker since some of them are blocking the pixel. Please read this short article to find out more possible causes and solutions.
  • If your Custom Audiences show size “Not available” or -1, it’s a Facebook technical issue: read more here

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