Make Money With PixelYourSite Affiliate Program

Promote any PixelYourSite product and make a healthy commission for every sale that you generate.

Our Affiliate program is managed by Shareasale, one of the most trusted and experienced affiliate networks out there.

If you don’t have an account with them, you can create one in just a few minutes. Simply click on the button bellow:

Important: when you apply on Shareasale you’ll be asked for a description of your site or your marketing plans. Please send us relevant details. If you are an existing client, let us know. This will speed up the approval process.

Essential Stuff:

What commission do I get?

Here is our commission structure:

1-10 sales a month: 20%
11-30 sales a month: 30%
31+ sales a month: 50%

How do I get paid?

All the payments are processed by Shareasale. They have a long list of countries that receive payments by bank transfer. If you don’t qualify, payment by check is available.

When do I get paid?

Payments are sent out on the 20th of every month, for the previous month’s commissions.

What’s your tracking interval?

30 days.

Do I get promotional materials?

We will do our best to provide you with banners, occasional discount coupons, texts, messages and everything else that might help you to increase your sales. You are also free to use your own imagination and expertise since you know your audience better than anyone else.

What conditions do I have to meet to qualify for your program?

There are no specific conditions that you have to meet, but please provide details about how do you plan to promote our plugins. We manually review each application, so this will help to speed up the process.

Once you start promoting our products we will closely monitor your sales. If we see anything that might look suspicious we can decide to stop the collaboration at our discretion.

We don’t accept coupon sites.

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