TikTok Tag and API for WordPress, WooCommerce, CartFlows Videos

On this page, you’ll find key videos about TikTok Ads and discover how our plugins can help you.

Install the TikTok Tag on WordPress with API support

Watch this video to see how to configure to enable TikTok TAG and API events with PixelYourSite Professional:

Test the TikTok tag and API events

Learn how you can test your TikTok tag and API events using the TikTok Pixel Helper browser add-on, or the native TikTok test page. Learn how to use PixelYourSite Professional logs to visualize the exact data sent to TikTok using the API.

Install the TikTok Tag on WordPress

A short video explaining how to add the TikTok Tag using PixelYourSite Professional:

Upload your WooCommerce products to TikTok Catalogs

 In this video, I explain how to upload your WooCommerce products into a TikTok Catalog using our WooCommerce feed plugin:

How to test your TikTok Tag

Testing your TikTok Tag is also important, so I made this video to show you how to do it:

TikTok Tag Events

The TikTok tag works with Events, just like the Facebook Pixel:

TikTok Audiences

Similar to Facebook, TikTok lets you target audiences based on website traffic. Watch this video to learn more:

TikTok and CartFlows

If you use CartFlows, this video is just for you. You’ll see how PixelYourSite fires TikTok Tag events for your CartFlows actions.

TikTok and Consent (GDPR, CCPA, etc)

In this video I show you how ConsentMagic deals with consent for the TikTok Tag.

Google Consent Mode V2

How to enable Google Consent Mode V2