Missing CompleteRegistration Currency and Value Parameters

Facebook shows you potential problems related to your pixel on their Diagnostics page. To locate it, go inside your Ads Manager, open the top menu, click on Events Manager, Data Sources. If you have multiple pixels, click the one you need and on the left side menu, you will see the Diagnostics page.

But there is a problem! These messages can be misleading, treating normal usage cases as a potential error. In this article, I will explain such a situation.

Missing CompleteRegistration Currency and Value Parameters

This message comes with e pretty clear issue description:

One or more of your CompleteRegistration events is missing a value and currency parameter. This may affect your return on ad spend calculation.

However, if you read Facebook’s own documentation, value is NOT mandatory for the CompleteRegistration event.

From there we can learn that the CompleteRegistration event should be fired “when a registration form is completed. A person submits a completed subscription or signup form.” It’s recommended parameters are as follow:content_namecurrencystatusvalue. None required.

So why do we have a warning message if the value is not required for this event?

If we look closer to the issue description, we will find the answer: “This may affect your return on ad spend calculation.

So this means that IF you use the CompleteRegistration event as the objective of your ads, your Ads Reports will not be able to show the generated revenue. This is the ONLY possible problem.

The simple fact that you have a CompleteRegistration event without value is not an issue per se. And if you think about it, chances are that not every registration form or completed subscription has an economical value. It depends on each situation. And if indeed the registration comes as a result of a transaction, you should already track it with a Purchase event.

CompleteRegistration and the PixelYourSite plugin

PixelYourSite Pro automatically fires a CompleteRegistration event when a WordPress account is created. If you run WooCommerce, chances are that each new client will also be registered as a user. This means that a CompleteRegistration event will fire every time you have a transaction from a new client.

Our automatically fired event doesn’t have “value”. That’s because the simple fact that someone registers to a website doesn’t necessarily have an economical correspondent. There is no dynamic value we can use for the event. If there is a WooCommerce transaction, we will fire a Purchase event, with “value”, “currency”, and many more parameters.

So if you use PixelYourSite Pro, you will probably see the “Missing CompleteRegistration Currency and Value Parameters” message on your Events Manager Diagnostics page. My advice is to ignore it.

This CompleteRegitration event is perfectly usable for Custom Audiences and Lookalikes. You can also add it to custom reports.

CONCLUSION: The Events Manager Diagnostics page is useful, but not every message that you have there is related to an actual error. Some of them are just information you can use according to your particular setup.

Important Q&A

What is a CompleteRegistration event

A CompleteRegistration event is a standard Facebook Pixel event fired when a registration or sign-up form is completed.

Is "value" mandatory for the CompleteRegistration event?

No, “value” is not mandatory for this event.

Is "Missing CompleteRegistration Currency and Value Parameters" a critical error?

No, it’s just an information, not a critical error. A CompleteRegistration event without “value” can be used for Custom Audiencese, Lookalikes, custom reports. It won’t have any impact on Dynamic Product Ads.

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2 Responses

  1. Funny how our Facebook rep flagged this as something needing fixing.

    Would there be a benefit just putting in the value of the cart at the time of registration anyway? The idea being if you’re ever targeting registrations then you may as well try to get ones with higher potential value?

    Of course you may register someone *before* you have their cart available but very often you’ll have a cart.

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