I’ve installed the Facebook Pixel, but Pixel Helper shows NO pixel on my site. Why?

Sometimes, after installing the Facebook Pixel, you will see nothing while testing it with Pixel Helper. That’s one of the most common reasons our clients reach to us, so we decided to write this very short article about what can cause this and how it can be fixed.

If you are not sure about how to use Pixel Helper, or if you see the Pixel running on your website but there are warnings and error messages, take a look at this article and video instead.

Why there is no Facebook Pixel on my site:

1. Old cache – that’s an obvious one. If your website is using a cache plugin it’s highly possible that you won’t see the pixel right away, because the old cache will be served.

Solution: Delete the cache. Depending on how your cache is configured, this can be as easy as clicking the delete cache link from your cache plugin. Sometimes there are several layers of cache, on your site, your server or even a CDN (Content Delivery Network).

2. Browser Cache: that’s also a problem sometimes. Your browser is showing you an older version of the page that’s not firing the Facebook Pixel.

Solution: Delete browser cache

3. Excluded User Role: If you are using PixelYourSite to manage your Facebook Pixel, you have the option to hide the pixel based on user roles. That’s useful if you want to keep the reports accurate and not show events triggered by you and your team (you can exclude admins to achieve that). But sometimes people tend to forget about setting this option and they test the pixel with an excluded role – admin, in most cases.

Solution: You can log out before testing, or you can temporarily remove the exclusion from PixelYourSite plugin settings.

4. Ad-blocking software: if you’re using it, chances are that Pixel Helper won’t show any pixel on your site.

Solution: Temporarily disable the ad-blocking software.

5. JavaScript Error: if none of the above works, it might be the case that some of the other plugins you are using, or your theme is generating a JavaScript error. Sometimes this types of problems can block the pixel completely.

Solution: You will need to identify the problem first by using your browser Developer Tools. On Chrome open settings, go to More Tools >  Developer Tools (or press CTRL + Shift + I) and click on Console. You will see if there are any errors on the page. Once you find out the problem, try to understand what’s causing it. You might need to deactivate your plugins one by one to see what’s the one generating the error.

If you are using PixelYourSite plugin and can’t figure it out why your pixel won’t show, you can contact us.

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16 Responses

  1. These notes are helpful but I just can’t get the pixel to load. It’s been struggling along for two or three hours.

    Is that normal?


    1. Sorry for the late reply, but we don’t usually offer support in the comments section. Anyway, it looks like it’s all good on your site.

  2. I have installed the Facebook pixel code on my artist shop at threadless. However, I only can see the pageview and the viewcontent events through the pixel helper. Initiate checkout and add to cart were visible but in red.

    Then I asked their team to see if there was a problem. And then they replied this “For safety, the Artist Shops pages will only integrate with first two levels of pixel, it all seems to be running normally.”

    Now if I want to optimize my pixel based on the purchase or add to cart event, it won’t be possible directly on the shop. I’ll have to make a website where I sell these products.

    I am still amazed about what could possibly the security reasons for which they won’t implement the other events.

  3. I’m telling ya…this FB Pixel is killing me. Inside the FB Business portal the Pixel diagnostics says everything is running smoothly. Yet when I go to the Ads Manager, it tells me the pixel isn’t active. Everything is linked perfectly to my WooCommerce. I am running Facebook for WooCommerce (and linked it using that partner) and Pixel your Site. However, the backend of the Pixel dashboard in Facebook isn’t registering any “events” after 2 hours. Bah, I’m about done with this…and there’s really no good help out there…this was the closest thing to help I have gotten so thank you. One note, after Pixel Your Site asked for a WordPress update, it seems as tho my Pixel ID was deleted. I have just added that and cleared the cache…but it still seems to not be working.

  4. HI, I know there is official facebook pixel plugin. If I use your plugin, then I don’t need to use the official plugin anymore? Can your plugin do everything that official plugin can do?

  5. On my Wix site, the PageView is checking off green in my Facebook Pixel Helper, but the events are NOT logging/firing to my Events Manager. Cannot find ANYTHING online to troubleshoot this.

  6. I have a question. I am using plugin and everything was working fine when I tested it, I can also see in the Events page all my custom conversion events with a green circle next to them. However when I go to set-up the Ad Set, I cannot find the conversion. Only the generic, basic conversions like “Initiate Checkout”, “Donate” etc. are located there — NONE of my custom conversions. I was using the JQuery plugin and I disabled it thinking that might be the issue, but didn’t work. Facebook can’t even help me at this point, it’s super annoying.

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