PixelYourSite Pro

Manage your Facebook Pixel with just a few clicks, like thousands of other on-line business owners

Improve Your Facebook Campaigns in Minutes

One Click Facebook Pixel Install

Install the Facebook Pixel on your WordPress site with just a click. No coding, no page edit, no chances to make any mistake.

Custom Audiences Optimization

Send Facebook key data about what your users are doing on your site, where are they coming from, what are they reading, clicking and buying. Easily use everything to build highly targeted Custom Audiences.

Events and Dynamic Events

Optimize your ads with Dynamic Events. Fire them on important actions, like clicks on links and buttons, mouseover and page scroll.

E-Commerce Ready

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce integration with Conversion Value fine-tuned tracking and Dynamic Ads support. All the events are added automatically, you don’t have to do the hard work yourself.

EDD Integration

Easy Digital Downloads is fully supported with the specific events being configured automatically. Conversion value can be fine-tuned for each event and the pixel will be Dynamic Ads ready.

Here’s what’s new with PixelYourSite PRO plugin: Changelog

180 Days Money Back Guarantee

You are risk-FREE because we stand behind our products

PixelYourSite King License
$300 $200
Use it on up to 100 sites
One Click Pixel Setup
Custom Audience optimization
Events and Dynamic Events
WooCommerce Integration
WooCommerce Dynamic Ads
Automatic Updates
PixelYourSite Lord License
$110 $89
Use it on up to 10 sites
One Click Pixel Setup
Custom Audience optimization
Events and Dynamic Events
WooCommerce Integration
WooCommerce Dynamic Ads
Automatic Updates
PixelYourSite Baby License
$90 $80
Use it on 1 site
One Click Pixel Setup
Custom Audience optimization
Events and Dynamic Events
WooCommerce Integration
WooCommerce Dynamic Ads
Automatic Updates

* Once you buy the plugin you can use it forever. Automatic updates and support are granted for 1 Year. Renewals discounted at 40%.

*Refunds are granted according to our refund policy

Over 37000 happy users and counting

Use the pixel right, and it will improve your ads returns:

Install the Facebook Pixel with just one click

You don’t have to put your hand on any code. Simply add your pixel ID and you are all set. The plugin not only will install the code on all your pages, but it will start to send Facebook essential data about your site visitors that you can use for Custom Audiences.

Hide the Pixel for specific roles

You can easily hide the code for admins or shop managers or any other user role, so you keep your stats clean realistic.

Enable Advanced Matching

Securely send to Facebook the data that you have about your customers, like the name, email, phone number or address. This will increase conversion attribution and remarketing results, letting Facebook make a better match with a real account. It works really great with WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads customers.

The plugin will fire a GeneralEvent on each page to track key parameters

The GeneralEvent will track the ID, name, category name and tags as parameters and you can use them to create super-targeted custom audiences.

Retarget based on the traffic source

You can create Custom Audiences based on the traffic source, like Google, Facebook or any particular referrer.

URL Parameters (UTM) are also tracked

You can create Custom Audiences based on URL parameters. This gives you some HUGE opportunities for retargeting. You can, for example, make an audience of people coming from a particular ad or Facebook campaign, or from a specific Google ad, newsletter and so on.

Delay events to avoid spending money on bouncing users

You can set a delay time for the GeneralEvent or for the ViewContent event, so your audiences based on them will not include the users that spend very little time on your site. This way you can make sure you don’t retarget those with little to zero interest in your offer.

Domain Name, useful if you have more than one site

If you’re using the same pixel on multiple sites, this option will be quite useful. Each event on your site will have a domain parameter, pulling the site address as a value. When you create Custom Audiences based on events, you can use it to filter only the events from the site you are interested in.

Add Events and parameters without editing any code

You can easily fire events on any URL of your website without the need to edit the page or to mess up with any code. You’ll have a clean and intuitive menu to manage all your pixel events.

Use pixel events to optimize your ads

Once you have the events in place, you can tell Facebook to optimize the ads for them. This will improve your conversion rates and increase your overall profitability.

Create Custom Audiences based on the key events

Retargeting those users that fire the key events on your site will be a fantastic strategy, so make sure you don’t ignore it. Use the Custom Combination option to granulate your general audience with maximum accuracy.

Fire a Dynamic Events when a user performs an important action

  • Clicks on a link, on a picture or on a button
  • Scrolls the page up to a pre-defined percent
  • Moves the mouse over an element

Optimize your ads for these Dynamic Events

This way you can tell Facebook to optimize your campaigns for highly specific actions performed by your site visitors. This can be super-useful for affiliate sites, newsletter signups, e-commerce, courses and training, apps promotion etc.

Using the page scroll trigger you can make sure you’re retargeting those users with an increased interest in your offer. This is something you should test with your ads.

Create super-targeted Custom Audiences

Use your Dynamic Events to create Custom Audiences. The people will have a genuine interest in your products, will know you and will convert better than any other cold or warm audience that you might have.

With Dynamic Events, you can tell Facebook to optimize your ads for specific actions, like clicks on links and buttons, page scroll or mouse over.

Dynamic Events will increase conversion by over 155%

Superb WooCommerce Integration

Conversion Value, Dynamic Ads, plus Custom Audiences

Automatically add all the events

Once installed, the plugin will add all the required WooCommerce Events automatically. You can turn each of them ON/OFF if you want.

  • ViewContent – on all the product pages
  • AddToCart – fired on add to cart button click or on cart page load
  • InitiateCheckout – on the checkout page
  • Purchase – on the thank you page

You’ll also have a couple of extra events that can be quite helpful:

  • AddPaymentInfo on PayPal Standard button
  • Lead Event on WooCommerce affiliate buttons

WooCommerce Conversion Value

Fine-tune each WooCommerce Event value. Include or Exclude tax and shipping.

Define a rule for each WooCommerce event:

  • use product price
  • use a percent of the product price
  • use a global value

Conversion value is important and you’ll be able to configure it the best way possible.

Dynamic Ads Ready

Once you install the plugin, your WooCommerce site will be Dynamic Ads pixel ready. All the requered pixel events and parameters are added.

Not sure what Dynamic Ads are? With Dynamic Ads (Promote a product catalog) you can automatically retarget visitor of your products or people that added a product to cart but never bought it. They will be served ads for the same product that they saw or other very similar products.

Advanced Matching

With Advanced Matching, you can increase conversion attribution and retargeting reach by securely sending Facebook some data that you have about your clients. This will allow them to better match each client with the correct Facebook account.

The plugin will send things like name, email, phone, address every time a new transaction occurs. If the visitor is logged in as a client, the same data will be sent even when no transaction takes place.

Super-Targeted Custom Audiences

Once installed, the plugin will add to all WooCommerce events essential parameters that you can use to create Custom Audiences.

Things like product name, product category, product tags, value are all available for you to use in your remarketing strategies.

You can delay the ViewContent Event so that you don’t have to spend your money on retargeting bouncing users.

As for the rest of the events, Traffic Source and URL Parameters (UTM) are tracked for all your WooCommerce events.

Smart Purchase Event

The Purchase Event will be your most important event because it will fire when a sale is completed. Because of this, we made it smarter. Not only that you can customize its value, but you can also track additional parameters: town, state, and country, together with payment and shipping methods.

Use of coupons and coupons names are also tracked, giving you the opportunity to use them for retargeting. Basically, you can populate your audience with clients that used or didn’t use coupons, or you can go even further and specify the exact coupon name as a condition.

You also have an option to fire the Purchase event on an actual transaction, and not on a simple page refresh. This way you avoid messing up conversion reports if a client decides to re-visit the thank you page after the transaction is completed.

Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Conversion Value, Dynamic Ads, plus Custom Audiences

Automatic Facebook Pixel Install

If you are selling digital products using EDD, you will benefit from a fantastic pixel integration, similar to the WooCommerce one.

All the e-commerce specific events will be installed automatically.

Your pixel will be Dynamic Ads ready.

You will be able to fine-tune conversion value for each EDD event, just like for WooCommerce.

Your store will be optimized for Custom Audiences, with key parameters being tracked (download name, category, and tags, value, currency, discount code, payment option.

EDD Software License Support

If you are using the EDD Software License plugin (like we do), your EDD pixel events will have some specific parameters to help you with smart Custom Audiences retargeting:

  • license_time_limit: the license expiration time
  • license_site_limit: the number of sites a user can use the download
  • license_version: license number
  • transaction_year: the year when transaction took place
  • transaction_month: the month when transaction took place

Purchase Event on Transaction Only

As you probably know, a lot of your clients will come back on the thank you page for various reasons: download their files, invoices or to copy their license. You don’t want to fire a Purchase Event every time this happens because this will mess up your ads reports.

But you don’t have to worry about this. In essence, the Purchase Event will fire ONLY when an actual transaction takes place, and not when someone simply refreshes the thank you page.

Keep your most important ad stats clean and accurate.

You're not alone. Enjoy prompt SUPPORT and plenty of useful articles

Installing our plugin is just the first step because after that you will have access to all our in-depth help pages, guides, articles, and videos. We do our best to share our own experience with you. To be honest, this has been a two-way road, because many of the useful features that the plugin has are inspired by our clients’ questions, or are a direct result of their requests.

Here's what some of our clients have to say

Inovacrea – WordPress user

This plugin is working perfectly. I bought the PRO version for a WooCommerce website with dynamic ads and everything is working as expected.

Thank you for your great work!

Johnreimann – WordPress user

I purchased the PRO version of this plugin along with the Product Catalog Plugin. It does EXACTLY what is says on the tin and works brilliantly. The information on the website is really valuable stuff that I’ve seen others charging good money for.

broberts41 – WordPress user

a great plugin is a good start but what makes this really useful is the excellent documentation and when I hit a problem the support was first rate. Well worth getting the pro version too

salmankhawar – WordPress user

Excellent plugin. Best support, prompt response. Did what was needed, solved my problem on a Sunday.

Thank you.

scottlin74 – WordPress user

This plugin is number 1 on my list of most effective plugins ever used.

It takes some really difficult stuff (setting up dynamic product ads + much more) and makes it dead easy.

masglobal – WordPress user

Very intuitive makes easy work of a complicated process. Tried at least three others before I found this one and by far worth choosing this one. Also upgraded to paid version and worth every penny for dynamic events tracking.

Also, support was quick and well broken down explanations to help solve my issues.

Be better than your competition

Track the Traffic Source and use it for your Custom Audiences

Track URL Parameters (UTM) and make Custom Audiences based on them.

Optimize your ads for key actions, like clicks, page scroll or mouseover

Delay events, to avoid spending your money on retargeting bouncing users

180 Days Money Back Guarantee

You are risk-FREE because we stand behind our products

PixelYourSite Lord License
$110 $89
Use it on up to 10 sites
One Click Pixel Setup
Custom Audience optimization
Events and Dynamic Events
WooCommerce Integration
WooCommerce Dynamic Ads
Automatic Updates
PixelYourSite Baby License
$90 $80
Use it on 1 site
One Click Pixel Setup
Custom Audience optimization
Events and Dynamic Events
WooCommerce Integration
WooCommerce Dynamic Ads
Automatic Updates

* Once you buy the plugin you can use it forever. Automatic updates and support are granted for 1 Year. Renewals discounted at 40%.

*Refunds are granted according to our refund policy

Getting started

Where to get the plugin files and license?

You will find the files and the license key on the Thank You Page, right after you pay. We also send you an email with them and there are also available in your new account with us.

How to install the plugin?

Download the files on your computer
Open your WordPress admin and go to Plugins > Add New
Click on Upload Plugin and then on Chose file. Select the plugin files from where you downloaded them and click Install now.
Activate the plugin

How to activate my license?

Open the PixelYourSite Pro plugin from the left menu. If you your license is not activated, you will be asked to do so. Copy/paste the license key in the dedicated field and activate it.

How can I access my account

Immediately after you buy the plugin you will get an email with your new login data

Do I get an invoice?

Yes, an invoice is generated for each transaction. You can find it on the Thank You Page, in our Purchase Confirmation email, or directly in your account.

Basic stuff

How to test the pixel?

The best way to test your Facebook Pixel is to use Pixel Helper Chrome Extension. This is an official tool from Facebook itself that it will show you how and if the pixel works and what data it sends.

Do I get updates?

Yes, if you have a valid license, updates will work automatically.

Where to find the help pages

You will find the help links directly in the plugin.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we do. Please try to find the answer to your problem in the help pages, because we try hard to cover every common problem in there. If you that’s not enough, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Your License

Will the plugin still work when the license expires?

Yes, it will, but you will not get updates and support without a valid license.

Do you offer renewal discounts?

Yes, we do, we currently offer a 40% discount for renewals.

Can I upgrade my license?

Yes, you can. Go to your account and under License Details click on the View Upgrades link. From there you can select your desired upgrade path.

Can I remove the license from a site?

Yes, you can. You can do this directly from your website, by deactivating the license, or you can manage your sites from your account.

Technical Stuff

Does your plugin work with cache?

Yes, it does. We tested it with the most common cache plugins out there and most, if not all our clients are having some form of cache installed on their website.

Do you know about conflicts with other themes or plugins?

The plugin works pretty well with the vast majority of the themes and plugins. We have thousands of users using it with no problems at all. We have a small list of plugins that might cause troubles in our help section.

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