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Customize your content

There are several things you can customize using the plugin.

You can add Custom Titles and Custom Descriptions to each blog post.

You can also add two different images and select the Google Taxonomy, if you need to.

When you create or edit a feed, you have settings for Titles, Descriptions, and Images.

The plugin will use the first checked option that is available.

You will have two extra images and Google Taxonomy on every category too. There’s also the option to exclude a category from all the feeds.

Yoast Plugin

If the Yoast SEO plugin is install, you can chose to use their titles, descriptions, and images.

About Google Taxonomy

When you’ll import your feed, you’ll see a warning related to missing Google Taxonomy. This is not something that will affect your ads performance. However, if you want, you can select the most appropriate Google Taxonomy. We have this option added to every post, category, and on the plugin’s main page.

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Google Consent Mode V2

How to enable Google Consent Mode V2