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WordPress Feed for Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

Run Facebook Dynamic Product Ads for your WordPress content

What are Facebook Dynamic Product Ads

When you do Dynamic Product Ads, Facebook uses their powerful AI to promote the content you upload into a Facebook Product Catalog.

Facebook’s algorithm decides what content is best to optimize your ads for the desired result. 

But there's a problem!

Normally, you CAN’T do Dynamic Product Ads for simple blog posts.

Don’t worry, we have the right solution for you.

What do you need for Dynamic Product Ads

A Product Catalog

In order to do Dynamic Ads, you must upload your content into a Facebook Product Catalog.

This plugin helps you upload your WordPress posts into a Product Catalog.

A specific set of Pixel Events

The Facebook Pixel must fire speciffic events on your content, with a few must-have parameters.

PixelYourSite (free and pro) automatically fires these events on your WordPress posts.

Catalog Sales Campaigns

Create ads that automatically show items from your catalog based on your target audience.

You’ll have access to FREE training about how to do it.

Dedicated Facebook Pixel

With PixelYourSite PRO, you can configure a dedicated Facebook Pixel just for the blog-related events.

If you run an e-commerce website, this feature is very useful. You won’t have a mix between the “normal” e-commerce events fired on your product pages and the blog events fired for dynamic ads.

How will the plugin help you?

You'll upload your WordPress posts into a Facebook Product Catalog.

The plugin comes with key SMART features

Auto-updating XML feeds

New posts will be automatically uploaded into the Product Catalog.

Custom titles and descriptions

You can add custom titles or descrption to any post.

Custom images

You can add two extra images to each post.

Exclude posts or categories

You can exclude any post or category from the feeds.

Tag recent posts

You can create Product Sets for your latest posts.

Compatible with YOAST

It works with the popular Yoast SEO plugin.

It's a simple 3-step process

Step 1

Upload your WordPress content into a Facebook Product Catalog.

Step 2

Turn ON the specific events inside your PixelYourSite plugin (free or paid version).

Step 3

Run ads that have Catalog Sales as their objective.

You'll get an easy-to-follow guide after you buy the plugin.

Select the best license for your needs:

Agency - 100 sites


Most Popular

Advanced - 10 sites


Starter - 1 site


* The plugin will continue to work after the license expires.
Your license will be valid for one year. Updates, support, and license activation require a valid license. Automatic License Renewals will have a 40% discount. You can cancel renewals at any time.
*Refunds are granted according to our refund policy