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Create WooCommerce feeds for:

Facebook Product Catalog

Google Merchant

Google Ads Custom Feed Remarketing

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Generate WooCommerce feds for Facebook Product Catalog

Generate XML feeds and use them to upload your WooCommerce products to a Facebook Product Catalog.

The feed will auto-regenerate on preset intervals, keeping your Product Catalog updated automatically.

You can also download the feed as XML or CSV documents.

How to use a Facebook Product Catalog

Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook can show ads to someone who visited or added a product to cart without buying it. The ads will show the same product and some very similar other products.

Promote your catalog to new audiences

You can promote your product catalog to new audiences. Facebook’s algorithm will automatically pick the best converting products.

Connect the catalog to an Instagram account

You can link your Instagram business account to your Business Manager account. Once they are linked, you can use a Product Catalog with shopping on Instagram

Create value-based lookalikes

Facebook lets you create Lookalikes based on how people interact with the catalog products. Basically, they’ll target users similar to your most valuable clients.

Create a Facebook Page Shop

Once you have your Product Catalog ready you can use it to create a Facebook Page Shop. With a shop you can:

Let people buy your products directly on Facebook (US only)

Message your Page to buy on Messenger

Buy on your website as normal.

Generate WooCommerce feds for Google Merchant

Generate XML feeds and use them to upload your WooCommerce products to Google Merchant.

The feed will auto-regenerate on preset intervals, keeping your inventory up to date.

You can also download the feed as XML or CSV documents.

Generate WooCommerce Google Ads Dynamic Retamarketing feeds

If Google Merchant is not available in your country you can use a “custom feed” format for your Google Ads (former AdWords) remarketing campaigns.

You can use the CSV direct link and keep your inventory updated, or download the CSV and manually upload it.

Key Features That Will Make Your Work Easier

Auto-Mapping, so you don’t have to work hard

The plugin will automatically pull the correct data for most (if not all) required fields.

Auto-Regenerating feeds

You can set-up an auto-update interval, so your XML feeds are automatically updated. This will ensure your Product Catalog or Merchant account have the right products.

Packed with smart options

Easily edit or define brand or condition, so your feeds don’t get rejected

Replace CAPITAL letters from product titles, so you can respect Facebook requirements.

Define TAX rules, so your feeds will always show the correct product prices.

Smart Image Options

Sometimes your product images simply don’t fit the ads well. They are either too big or too small, and they make the ads look awkward. Because of this, we come up with a few solutions

Additional Images

You can upload 2 extra images for each product and each variation:

  • carousel ads (recommended size: 600X600 px)
  • single image ads (recommended size: 1200X628 px)

Fallback Image

You can define a second rule for the product image, that will be used if the main image is missing.

Example: The main image is mapped to the Yoast Image and the fallback image is mapped to the product image. If a product doesn’t have a Yoast image, then the product image will be used.


Yoast Images

Yoast is probably the most popular SEO plugin out there. You can also use it to upload a social image for each of your products. You can select to replace the product image with Yoast custom image if you want.


MashShare Images

MashShare Social Media is another popular plugin that lets you add images for your products. You can use them for the feed as well.

WPML Integration (Multilingual)

You can have a Product Catalog for each language and target your audiences with ads in their native language

Select feed’s language

If you’re using WPML to translate your store into multiple languages,  you’re all covered. You can select the language for each feed. You also have the option to create a feed with products from ALL languages.

WPML multi-currency support

If your WPML has multi-currency, you can select the currency for each feed.

It’s smart, but it’s not magic, be prepared.

While uploading a Facebook Product Catalog feed is generally easy, using a Google Merchant Feed is usually more complex. Depending on the products on your site, you might need additional data as Product Global Attributes.

Only WooCommerce Global Attributes are picked up for mapping (not custom attributes). Custom Fields are not supported at the moment.

For some categories, you will be asked to submit info like gender, age group, size or color. Additionally, for some countries, you will have to set up tax or shipping rules from your Gooogle account.

Google offers you “Feed rules”, so you have the ability to transform your data to match their product data specification requirements. You will probably need to use them.

The feed plugin only pulls existing data from your WooCommerce site, so make sure you have all the required info in place.

Select the best license for your needs

IMPORTANT: we plan to increase the license prices soon

Product Catalog Feed King License $300 $200

Use the plugin on up to 100 websites

Product Catalog Feed Lord License - $100 $79

Use the plugin on up to 10 websites

Product Catalog Feed Baby License - $90 $70

Use the plugin on a single website

* The plugin will continue to work after the license expires. Your license will be valid for one year. Automatic updates, support, and license activation require a valid license. License Renewals are discounted at 40%.

*Refunds are granted according to our refund policy

Her’s what some of our clients have to say:

I had no problem installing the plugin and creating my feed. I was using CSV files before for my ads, but they were time consuming to create and to maintain. Now everything is automated and it simply works!

Melinda Benussi

I was already using Pixelyoursite on my website, so I had no doubts about the quality of the product. Once it was available I jumped on it and started testing. All I can say is that the plugin is topnotch, intuitive and very useful. I can create Dynamic Ads campaigns that are always synchronized with my inventory and no additional work is required.

Eduardo Flores

When a complex task is resolved by a simple process, we are in front of a revolutionary tool. This is the case of Product Catalog Feed Plugin. I had no idea on how to create one, and still I don’t, that’s because this plugin does it for me. The small price (and it has a discount!!!!) is repaid during the first 15 minutes of saving time! Love it. Thank you.

Adrian Tschubarov