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Product Catalog Feed for WooCommerce

Create WooCommerce feeds for:

Facebook Product Catalog

Google Merchant

Google Ads Custom Feed Remarketing

Version 4.0.12 was recently released 

“After gathering feedback from thousands of users, we manage to improve the feed plugin in decisive ways. It’s now easier to use and more powerful than before.”

 Cristian Stoicescu, founder

One Plugin, Different Feed Types

Facebook Product Catalog Feeds

Auto-updated XML feeds that will upload your products to Facebook Product Catalogs.

You can also download the feed as XML or CSV documents.

Google Merchant Feeds

Auto-updated  XML feeds for Google Merchant.

You can also download the feed as XML or CSV documents.

Google Merchant Feeds

If Google Merchant is not available in your country you can use a “custom feed” format for your Google Ads (former AdWords) remarketing campaigns.

Fallback Logic

The plugin will try to use the best value for each feed filed. If it can’t find it, will look for the next best possible match. You can uncheck any of the default options on a feed-based level.

Manage Multiple Feeds

Easily edit, copy URL, regenerate, download or delete any of your feeds.

Key Features

This plugin is so popular among WooCommerce users for very good reasons

Auto-Regenerated Feeds

Keep your inventory up to date

Your feeds will be hosted on your own server and you can use a dedicated URL to upload them to Facebook or Google.

The plugin will automatically regenerate the feeds on preset intervals.

Google Taxonomy

Flexible Google Taxonomy Options

You can configure Google Taxonomy on the product level, category level, plugin level, and even at feed level. 


Create the feeds you want

Exclude variations from your feeds, control how “grouped” and “bundle” product work, filter products by category, product type, stock, or sale.

Smart Product Settings

Customize each product

Exclude a product from all your feeds, define its condition, add MPN or GTIN, select Google Taxonomy, or add two extra images that can be used for your feeds. You can also replace the default product URL with a custom one.

Recent & Best-Selling Products

Promote your recent or best-selling products

The plugin will add the “smart tags” on all your feeds under the “custo_label_0” field.

The “recent_product” tag will be added to your most recent products. 

The “top-30-days” tag will be added to your best-selling products in the last 30 days.

You can control how many products will get these tags. 

Use them to create Product Sets on Facebook, and Product Groups on Google Merchant.

Useful Integrations With Other Plugins

It works with other WooCommerce add-ons to provide extra features


WPML Integration

Select the right feed for each feed.


The plugin works with a few multi-currency add-ons

Woo Multi-Currency

Currency Switcher Woocommerce Pro

Woocommerce Product Price Based on Countries


A few Brand Plugins are supported

YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On

Perfect Woocommerce Brands

Premmerce Woocommerce Brands

Product Brands for Woocommerce

The plugin also tries to identify brands by using a custom script and offers you the option to define a global brand value.

Features that will help with your Google Feeds

Creating Google Merchant or Custom feeds is not an easy task. You’ll have useful features to help with it.

Extra Product Fields

Google Merchant requires a large number of fields that are missing from WooCommerce. The plugin will add them to all your products and variations.

Mapp Existing Product Attributes

If you already have Google Merchant specific data as Product Attribute, you can map it to the correct field feed from the plugin’s main page. 

Select the best license for your needs:

Agency - 100 sites


Facebook Product Catalog Feeds

Google Merchant Feeds

Google Ads Custom Remarketing Feeds

Most Popular

Advanced - 10 sites


Facebook Product Catalog Feeds

Google Merchant Feeds

Google Ads Custom Remarketing Feeds

Starter - 1 site


Facebook Product Catalog Feeds

Google Merchant Feeds

Google Ads Custom Remarketing Feeds

* The plugin will continue to work after the license expires. Your license will be valid for one year. Updates, support, and license activation require a valid license. Automatic License Renewals will be made at the same offer price. You can cancel renewals at any time.

*Refunds are granted according to our refund policy

Her’s what some of our clients have to say:

I had no problem installing the plugin and creating my feed. I was using CSV files before for my ads, but they were time consuming to create and to maintain. Now everything is automated and it simply works!

Melinda Benussi

I was already using Pixelyoursite on my website, so I had no doubts about the quality of the product. Once it was available I jumped on it and started testing. All I can say is that the plugin is topnotch, intuitive and very useful. I can create Dynamic Ads campaigns that are always synchronized with my inventory and no additional work is required.

Eduardo Flores

When a complex task is resolved by a simple process, we are in front of a revolutionary tool. This is the case of Product Catalog Feed Plugin. I had no idea on how to create one, and still I don’t, that’s because this plugin does it for me. The small price (and it has a discount!!!!) is repaid during the first 15 minutes of saving time! Love it. Thank you.

Adrian Tschubarov