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How to add your Microsoft UET Tag (Bing)

Install the Microsoft UET Tag add-on

Important: the Microsoft UET Tag add-on works only if you already have PixelYourSite Pro or Free version installed.

Download the add-on files:

You can find your files in 3 different ways:

  • On the “Thank You Page”, right after your payment is completed
  • In our Purchase Confirmation Email that you will receive after the transaction
  • In your account on our site. You’ll get an email with your credential once you complete your first transaction with us.

Upload the add-on files on your site:

Log in to your site admin and click on the Plugins link in the left menu. Click on “Add New” and then on the “Upload Plugin” button

Click on the “Choose file” button and select the add-on files you’ve downloaded earlier. Click “Install now”

Click the “Activate Plugin” button.

Activate your add-on license

Important: Make sure you activate the license key before using this add-on. You can find it in the email you’ve got from us, or directly into your account. Open the License link from the PixelYourSite left side menu, and activate it there.

Add the UET Tag on your website

Open PixelYourSite main page and look for the Microsoft/Bing ID field. Paste your UET Tag ID and save the new settings.

IMPORTANT: you just ned the tag ID, not the full code.

How to get your Microsoft UET Tag ID

Open your Microsoft Ads dashboard and click on the “Conversion Tracking” link from the left-side menu. Click on the “View UET tags page”.

If you already have tags, you will see them listed. Click on the “View Tag” link and copy the tag’s ID from the pop-up that will open.

If you don’t have a tag, you can create one by clicking on the green “Create UET” tag button.

NOTE: it’s not possible to install more than one tag on a website.

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