Pinterest Tag Add-On

Manage your Pinterest Tag: automatically add it to any page, fire events, integrate with WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads

This free add-on requires the PixelYourSite Pro plugin

Fantastic Pinterest Tag Flexibility

One Click Pinterest Tag Install

Install the Pinterest Tag on your WordPress site with just a click, just like you do for your Facebook Pixel.

Pinterest Audiences Optimization

Your Pinterest Tag will have super-useful parameters that can be used for Audiences.

Events and Dynamic Events

You can fire events on key actions, like page views, clicks or scroll.

Pinterest Tag E-Commerce Set-Up

WooCommerce Integration

Automatically add Pinterest Tag WooCommerce events, with conversion value and other useful events data

EDD Integration

Easy Digital Downloads is fully supported with all the specific events being automatically added.

Auto-Optimize Your Site for Pinterest Audiences

The Pinterest GeneralEvent

Similar to our Facebook Pixel, the plugin will fire the GeneralEvent on every page. This event will have extremely useful parameters, like content name, id, category or tags. Traffic source and URL parameters are also tracked. You can set up a delay time in order to exclude bouncing users. It can be used to create super-targeted Pinterest Audiences.

The Pinterest ClickEvent

Each click performed by your site visitors will fire the ClickEvent. This event will also track the exact page where the click took place, the category, the tags, traffic source, and the URL parameters. The URL’s or button’s text will be also added as a parameter. You can use this event to create incredible useful Pinterest Audiences.

This FREE add-on works with PixelYourSite Pro and lets you manage the Pinterest Tag in the same way you can do it for your Facebook Pixel.

Pinterest Tag on any WordPress site

Fire Pinterest Events

Fire standard or partnered-defined events every time an important action is performed on your site.


When a key page is visited

When a link is clicked

When a form button or other CSS element is clicked

When a page is scrolled up to a percent

When the mouse is moved over a page element

Pinterest Tag WooCommerce Integration

Conversion value, order quantity, audiences

Automatically add all the Pinterest events

Once installed, the add-on will add all the required WooCommerce Events automatically. You can turn each of them ON/OFF if you want.

  • PageVisit – on all the product pages
  • ViewCategory – an all your product categories
  • AddToCart – fired on add to cart button click or on cart page load
  • Checkout – on the checkout page
  • Lead Event – on WooCommerce affiliate buttons

WooCommerce Conversion Value

Fine-tune each WooCommerce Event value, like you can do it for your Facebook pixel. Include or Exclude tax and shipping.

Define a rule for each WooCommerce event:

  • use product price
  • use a percent of the product price
  • use a global value

Conversion value is important and you’ll be able to configure it the best way possible.

Super-Targeted Pinterest Audiences

Once installed, the plugin will add to all WooCommerce events essential parameters that you can use to create Pinterest Audiences.

  • product ID
  • product name
  • product categories
  • product tags
  • product price and currency (available for your reports)
  • order quantity (available for your reports)
  • traffic source and URL tags

Smart Checkout Event

The Pinterest Checkout Event will fire when a sale is completed. Since it’s so important, we made it smarter:

Not only that you can customize its value, but you can also track additional parameters: town, state, and country, together with payment and shipping methods.

Use of coupons and coupons names are also tracked, giving you the opportunity to use them for retargeting, the same way you can do it with your Facebook pixel.

You also have an option to fire the Checkout event on an actual transaction, and not on a simple page refresh, for more accurate ads reports.

Pinterest Tag Easy Digital Downloads Integration

Conversion value, order quantity, audiences

Automatic Pinterest Tag Install

EDD users will have a Pinterest Tag integration similar to the WooCommerce one.

All the e-commerce specific events will be installed automatically.

You will be able to fine-tune conversion value for each EDD event.

Your store will be optimized for Pinterest Audiences, with key parameters being tracked (download name, category, and tags, value, order quantity, currency, discount code, payment option.

EDD Software License Support

If you are using the EDD Software License plugin your Pinterest events will have some extra parameters:

  • license_time_limit: the license expiration time
  • license_site_limit: the number of sites a user can use the download
  • license_version: license number
  • transaction_year: the year when transaction took place
  • transaction_month: the month when transaction took place

Checkout Event on Transaction Only

With this smart option, the Chekout Pinterest event will fire ONLY when an actual transaction takes place and not on a simple Thank You Page refresh.

This is very useful since chances are that your clients will return to the Thank You Page to download their files or invoices, or to copy their license key.

It works with our Super-Pack

The Super-Pack consist of 5 extra add-ons that will dramatically improve your Pinterest Tag

Multiple Pinterest Tags

Unfortunately, Pinterest only allows ONE tag to fire on a page, so this add-on won’t work for the Pinterest tag, but only for the Facebook pixel.

Remove the Pinterest tag from pages

Easily remove the tag from a particular page if you need to.

Use dynamic parameters

Pull key data as your Pinterest tag parameters

Fire the Pinterest tag on custom thank you pages

Track WooCommerce custom thank you pages (general or per product).

Fire the tag on AMP

Insert the Pinterest tag on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

You can find more on the Super-Pack here

Download the Pinterest Tag Add-On for FREE


This free add-on requires the PixelYourSite Pro plugin

Common Questions

Do I need PixelYourSite Pro?

Yes, the Pinterest Tag is an add-on and will require the PixelYourSite Pro plugin to be installed on your site.

You’ll need at least PixelYourSite Pro 6.2.4

Will it work with the Super-Pack?

Yes, it will work with the Super-Pack (1.2 and above). However, Pinterest doesn’t allow more than one tag on a page, so the multi-tag add-on won’t work.

Where to get the add-on files?

Click on the DOWNLOAD FREE button and add your email and name. You will find the files on the Thank You Page, right after you complete your data. We will also send you an email with them, or you can download them at any time from your account.

How to install the add-on?

Download the files on your computer
Open your WordPress admin and go to Plugins > Add New
Click on Upload Plugin and then on Chose file. Select the plugin files from where you downloaded them and click Install now.
Activate the plugin

Do I get updates?

Yes, you will get updates like for any other WordPress plugin.

How to test the tag?

Unfortunately, Pinterest doesn’t have a debug tool similar to Facebook’s Pixel Helper. You can simply check your status in the conversion manager. We also added some debug messages in the add-on: open your browser’s developer tools (Control+Shift+J) and you will see them.