Add and Manage Facebook Pixel Events

How to fire pixel events on key actions and how to use them

What are Facebook Pixel Events

The events are parts of the Pixel Code that send Facebook information about an important action on your site. You can use the events to optimize your ads, to create custom conversions (CC), custom audiences for retargeting (CA), or to track your ads results within the ads reports.

What are event’s parameters

Event’s parameters send additional info about a particular event, like value, content name or type, traffic source, category or tags. Parameters are very flexible, with no limits regarding what kind of info they can send. Some parameters like value and currency will be used for your ads reports, others are required for Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), and all parameters can be used for Custom Audiences (CA) or Custom Conversions (CC).

With PixelYourSite PRO you can easily add and manage events

Fire events on a particular page

Define events that will fire when a key page is loaded. You can use multiple URL’s as your triggers, or only enter part of the URL to match.

Delay: you can set up a delay time in seconds for this type of event. Useful if you need to consider the user’s actual interest in your offer.

Fire events on HTML link clicks

These events will fire every time the desired HTML link is clicked. It can be an internal or an external link. Really useful for affiliate sites and alike.

Fire events on CSS Selector clicks

Use the CSS Selector to fire the events on any element of your site, like forms’ buttons. It can be used with almost anything, like newsletter signups, popups, contact forms, affiliate buttons, and so on.

It’s one of our most appreciated features.

Fire events on mouse over

Configure events that will be fired when the mouse is moved over a particular element of the page.

Fire events on page scroll

Fire this particular type of event when the page is scrolled down to a predefined percent. It’s a really useful way of measuring user’s interest and interaction with your site.

Easy to configure and to add parameters

You can use any of the Facebook standard events, or you can create your own custom events.

How to use your events

Optimize your ads

Standard events can be used directly as your ads objective, telling Facebook to send you traffic that will be more likely to convert.

Use them for Custom Conversions

You can make a Custom Conversion from any type of event. Custom Conversion can be used as your ads objective, acting like a standard event. This way you can optimize your ads for custom events as well.

Make Custom Audiences for retargeting

Creating Custom Audiences based on events and parameters is a fantastic way do incredibly well target remarketing campaigns. This is one of the most powerful strategies you can use on Facebook.

Track conversions and ad’s performance

Standard events and Custom Conversions can be tracked inside your Ads Reports. You can build your own custom reports to follow any event you’re interested in.

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