“Facebook for WooCommerce” extension and PixelYourSite

If you want to use PixelYourSite together with Facebook for WooCommerce extension, you can do it with no problem whatsoever. We made sure that PixelYourSite works properly when this extension is installed.

What’s Facebook for WooCommerce

It’s an add-on made by the Facebook team that does three things:

  1. It adds a very basic Facebook pixel on a website
  2. It creates a Product Catalog
  3. It synchronizes a WooCommerce store with a Facebook Page Shop

The Pixel

The pixel implemented by this addon doesn’t have any kind of flexibility, can’t be used to add additional events on pages or actions, and sends a limited number of parameters. In other words, it’s a very primitive kind of implementation. It will work for simple ads strategies, but that’s all.

More so, the current version isn’t even capable to fire an AddToCart event when the add to cart button is clicked. This event is fired only on the Cart page. This type of setup won’t suit most stores out there and can leave plenty of valid AddToCart events unaccounted. I suppose this will get fixed eventually.

The Product Catalog

The extension will automatically create a Product Catalog. This part is easy and smooth. However, there are no ways to filter products or to configure tax rules, for example.

It doesn’t work well WPML or with multi-currency stores.

If you’re interested in various filters (categories, tags, product status, sales, tax) or if you use WPML or multiple currencies, you can use our own Product Catalog plugin for WooCommerce

The Facebook Page Shop

This is where the extension has the upper hand since right now it’s the only tool that will synchronize a WooCommerce store with a Facebook Shop.

Actually, that’s the main reason you will want to use it.

“Facebook for WooCommerce” and PixelYourSite

If you decide to use the Facebook for WooCommerce extension, we recommend that you keep PixelYourSite plugin active too. It will let you use the best from both worlds: a super-powerful pixel and a Facebook Shop.

In order for this to work, we made a custom integration in our plugin.

Use Facebook for WooCommerce extension content_id logic

When PixelYourSite detects the Facebook for WooCommerce extension, it adds a new option under the PYS WooCommerce tab. If you plan to use the Facebook for WooCommerce product catalog for dynamic ads, you should turn this option ON.

With this option ON, PixelYourSite will use the same logic for the content_ids parameters of your WooCommerce events. This way the products will be matched with your Product Catalog, making sure that any Dynamic Ads campaign will properly work.

Ignore the pixel duplicate warning

When you will configure the extension you will get a duplicate pixel warning message:

Your pixel, XXXX’s Pixel is already installed on this site. We recommend removing the existing version before you continue. If you continue without removing it, there will be 2 versions of XXXX’s Pixel on your site which will make it difficult to see accurate results for your ad campaigns.


As we mentioned before, we implemented a special integration for this extension, so the pixel won’t be fired twice.

This way you can have a Facebook Page Shop and a very smart and useful pixel on your site.

Where to get them?

PixelYourSite Pro:

You can download our plugin from here

Facebook for WooCommerce:

You can download it directly from your Facebook Ads Manager

a. Open Ads Manager and click on the Pixels link in the top menu

b. If your pixel is not configured, click on “Setup pixel”. If it’s configured, click on “Set up”.

c. Select the first option, “Use an integration or Tag Manager”

d. Select WooCommerce and click on the green “Download” button.

e. Follow the steps but and don’t forget to ignore the “double pixel” warning.

Or you can download the Facebook for WooCommerce plugin from here

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  1. Wud somebody plz tell me if I have to re-Integrate “Facebook for woocommerce”plugin after I add some Custom Conversion in my business account ? My Facebook pixel helper is not triggered by the Custom Conversion after I integrated this plugin. Other events trigger well.I added the plugin and then I added a Custom conversion in business manager and assigned an account to it, then I added the custom conversion in Ad manager but the Pixel helper Plugin is Not triggered by my custom conversion

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