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Track Clicks

The ClickEvent

This event will be fired everytime a click is performed on your website

The ClickEvent will have the following parameters on Facebook and Pinterest:

  • tag_text: the link’s text
  • tag_type: a (for HTML links) or button
  • content_name
  • content_category
  • tag
  • post_type
  • post_id
  • domain
  • traffic_source
  • UTMs
  • Visitor’s browser’s time (hour, day, month)
  • user’s role
  • domain name
  • plugin’s name

Use it to create specific Custom Audiences or Custom Conversions

On Google Analytics the event will have the following structure:

  • Event Category: ClickEvent
  • Event Action: the URL link
  • Event Label: the link or button text

You can find more about this event in this dedicated article

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