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I want to add the Facebook Pixel to my WordPress site


Insert Facebook Pixel on every page of your WordPress site with just a few clicks

Standard and Custom Events on page load: add events on key pages with an intuitive menu. No need to edit any posts or pages

Dynamic Events: Optimize your campaigns for clicks on links or buttons. Works with Contact Form 7 and most form or pop-up plugins.

WooCommerce Pixel Events: start tracking WooCommerce events like ViewContent, AddToCart, InitiateCheckOut, Purchase

WooCommerce Facebook Dynamic Product Ads pixel configuration


I want to create Product Catalog Feeds for my WooCommerce site

 Product Catalog Feed

100% Facebook Dynamic Product Ads compatible

Unlimited: create as many feeds as you need

Unlimited number of products per feed

Out of the box mapping so you don’t have to do any hard work

Auto Refresh interval so your feeds and your ads are up to date and you don’t throw money out of the window

 + Smart customization options

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