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Facebook Pixel Events

When you do Dynamic Product Ads there is a set of mandatory specific events and parameters. These events are e-commerce related:

  • ViewContent – fired when a product page is visited.
  • ViewCategory – fired when a category is visited.
  • AddToCart – when products are added to the cart.
  • Purchase – when a transaction takes place.

The must have parameters are:

  • content_type: product
  • content_ids: the ID of the products, matching the IDs used in your Product Catalog.

These events are e-commerce specific, but if you use PixelYoruSite (free or pro), they will be fired on normal your WordPress content. This trick makes possible to run DPA for blog posts.

Fire the events with PixelYourSite

Open PixelYourSite main page and look for a section named “Dynamic Ads for Blog Setup”. Click on it.

Turn ON the events you want to fire.

ViewContent and View Category will fire on post pages and category pages.

AddToCart will fire on post pages and has a scroll condition.

Purchase will fire on post pages and has 3 possible triggers:

  • page scroll,
  • user comment,
  • click on a CSS Selector.
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