The WooCommerce Cost of Goods works with our popular pixel plugin: PixelYourSite Pro

WooCommerce Cost of Goods

Add the cost of your products, calculate profit for each order, use profit as your Facebook conversion value.

Add the cost of goods

Calculate your profit

Use profit as Facebook Conversion Value

Your undisputed advantages

See your profit-per-order at a single glance.

The plugin will calculate the “PROFIT” for every order, helping you to better understand your business performance with no effort.

Better understand your Facebook Ads performance

Use “PROFIT” as your Purchase Event value and your Facebook Ads Reports will reflect the actual gain the ads generate for your business.

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Add the Cost of Goods (COG) with little effort

Add COG to products or variations

Edit a product or variation and you’ll find the Cost of Goods related fields.

You can chose between using “fix” or “percent” rules (ex: $50 or 50%)

Add COG on category level

You can configure a Cost of Goods for evey WooCommerce category.

This option is available when you add or eddit a category.

Add COG as a global setting

The plugin will add a new Cost of Goods tab inside WooCommerce Settings.

Among other things, you can configure a global value as your falback Cost of Goods.

Import values from other COG plugins

Using other COG plugins? No problem, you can import your exising data with a single click.

Export/Import CSV

There is no need to spend hours editing each and every product. You can export a CSV with all your products, add the COG values with limited effort, and import it. This can save hours of tedious work.

Fallback Logic

The plugin will look for the product level Cost of Goods. If it can’t find it, it will use the Category Cost of Goods. If none is found, it will use the global Cost of Goods.

Calculate profit for new and old orders

Profit for new orders

After you install and configure the plugin, profit is automatically calculated for new orders.

Profit for old orders

You can calculate the profit for your older orders with a click of a button.

Re-calculate profit

If needed, you can re-calculate the profit for any order with a single click.

Use PROFIT as Facebook Conversion Value

Use PROFIT as value for your Facebook Events

Configure PixelYourSite to use the profit as WooCommerce events value.

It will work for ViewContent, AddToCart, InitiateCheckout, and the Purchase Event.

Actionable Facebook Ads Reports

Your Facebook Ads Reports will show the REAL amount of money you make from your ads. You will know right away what ads to scale or kill.

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Starter - 1 site


* The plugin will continue to work after the license expires.
Your license will be valid for one year. Updates, support, and license activation require a valid license. Automatic License Renewals will be made at the same offer price. You can cancel renewals at any time.
*Refunds are granted according to ourĀ refund policy