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Add the Cost of Goods (COG)

Add COG for products

You can add COG for each product or variation. COG can be fix or percent.

The plugin will automatically calculate PROFIT for every product or variation that has COG.

Add COG for WooCommerce categories

You can add COG for each category. COG can be fix or percent.

Add COG as global rule

You can add COG as a global rule on the plugin’s settings page. COG can be fix or percent.

You can find this page by opening WooCommerce Settings from WooCommerce’s left side menu. There will be a new “Cost of Goods by PixelYourSite” tab.

How COG is used

The plugin will use the most appropiate COG to calculate profit for each order. The rules are used in this order:

  1. Product
  2. Category
  3. Global rule

When the product is under multiple categories, the biggest COG is used.

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