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This plugin is DEPRECATED. We decided to concentrate on the other products, so we won't sell, or update this plugin anymore.
You can use the plugin as it was when you bought it, or at the moment of last available update. However, we recommend you look for a suitable replacement.

Social Connect

Show your visitors' own picture on your site and increase client retention with the smartest social login WordPress plugin there is

WooCommerce Integrations: offer a coupon for social login, personalize your Thank You page, and more

Works with the most popular social networks

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and Linkedin – all you will really need

Social Login widget with user’s own picture

Your new Social Widget will show the nice looking social login buttons for unlogged visitors and a personalized message, and your visitor’s own picture when using a connected social account.


Creating a personal experience for each of your site visitors will increase your conversion rate.

Send emails

Send any number of emails to your newly connected social users

Customize or translate every single text

All the messages that your visitors will see are 100% customizable

Clean and nice buttons

Select from 10 beautiful button designs

Customize network order

Drag and drop

Show the login form anywhere you want

Use a customizable shortcode to show a social login form on any page

Manage profiles

Let your users link or unlink any social profile from their own account

WooCommerce Smart Integration

Smooth social login, offer an automated coupon to your clients, optimize your "Thank You" page

Give your customers a Social Login option


70% of people prefer to use a social login when buying online. Offer them the chance to do so.


Next time when they are on your site, all their info will be auto-completed with a simple click. Less friction means more sales.


You can show the social login buttons:

  • on an intermediate page before checkout
  • on top of the checkout form (default)
  • inside the checkout form

Social login auto-coupon

You can offer an auto-coupon for your clients that use social login

Improve your “Thank You Page”

Show your client’s own picture and a personalized “thank you” message.

Ask them to share your site. They just bought your products, so they trust you and are more likely to do it now.

Personalize your Thank You Page

Display a custom “thank you” message with the client’s name and his own picture

Get shares from your new clients

You can show Facebook, Gooogle, and Twitter share buttons and you can configure what URL will be shared.


“Make the customer the hero of your story”

Ann Handley