Product Catalog Plugin Change Log

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.3.8

  • Improved updates
  • Small fixes related to how WPML works

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.3.7

  • We’ve added dedicated custom fields for GTIN and MPN at product and variation level
  • We’ve added an option to exclude individual products from the feed

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.3.6

  • various improvements and fixes related to tax and WPML
  • feed name limit fix
  • shortcodes in description issue fix

Product Catalog Feed Pro

  • PHP error related to tax settings fixed
  • CSV download issue fixed

Product Catalog Feed Pro

  • If you’re updating from v3.3.5, you’ll probably need to ACTIVATE the plugin again after this update.
  • This version will fix an error with the plugin name we had in v3.3.5

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.3.5

  • Feeds will be now generated in batches, to avoid the PHP running time limit issue for larger feeds
  • Multiple tax classes per feed
  • Include additional images for Facebook Product Catalog – this will create a carousel effect on the ads
  • Fix potential WPML issues on fee auto-regeneration (related to the recent WPML update)
  • Fix potential price error for variable products when variations are out of stock (related to the recent WooCommerce update).

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.3.4

  • Ensuring compatibility with the latest WPML version

Product Catalog Feed Pro

  • Potential price calculation problems fix

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.3.3

  • Fixing compatibility issues with PHP 5.3 and 5.4

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.3.2

  • Direct link for the Google AdWords CSV has been added
  • A potential bug on WPML was fixed: when the feed was auto-generated, in some circumstances the prices were wrong
  • Product description output for the Google AdWords CSV was improved

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.3.1

  • various PHP errors fixed

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.3.0

  • We’ve added an Adwords Remarketing custom feed type (you can use it for Adwords remarketing when Google Merchant is not available in your country)

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.2.3

  • WPML currency potential issue fix
  • Variations category fix
  • Option to exclude Shipping from Google Merchant feed
  • Various PHP warnings fixed
  • Improved price rounding

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.2.2

  • Polylang plugin conflict fix

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.2.1

  • currency selector option

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.2.0

  • we’ve added a new global feed option to use the main item data for variations (variable products)

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.1.9

  • We’ve added an option to remove currency from the feed prices, giving you the possibility to configure it from the Facebook or Google corresponding settings.

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.1.8

  • WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility update

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.1.3 – 3.1.7

  • additional images URL fix (carousel and single ad images)
  • various other small fixes and code optimization

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.1.3

  • improved WPML currency handling
  • improved image URL handling
  • fixing various encoding issues

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.1.2

  • fix the auto-regenerate WMPL bug (regenerated feed was using the main language regardless of the actual plugin settings)

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.1.1

  • added support for WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin
  • some improvements on how we handle HTML code in description

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.1.0

  • feed auto-update error warning: we’ve added a notice when a feed fails to auto-updates itself and we marked the feeds with problems in the list

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.0.9

  • WMPL support – If you have WMPL installed, the plugin will let you select all the language or just products from a specific language for each feed. The default setting will your store main language.
  • Bundle Products Support – if you’re using the bundle products addon, the plugin will pick this product type and will add them to the feed.
  • Image Optimization: 
    • You can now select Yoast or Mashshare images (in case you have them added for each product).
    • You can upload two distinct images for each product or variation, one for the carousel ad format (600X600) and another one for the single image ad format (1200X628). These images can be selected in the mapping process.
    • We’ve added a “fallback image option”: If the plugin can’t find an image as defined by the main rule, it will use this second rule instead.
  • New feed options: you can remove the main item for variable, grouped or bundled products.
  • Code optimization

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.0.8

  • fixing GTIN issue

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.0.7

  • encoding issues
  • possible title error fix

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.0.6

  • encoding optimization

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.0.5

  • add option to use variation images
  • fixed variation out of stock filter
  • code optimisation
  • encoding optimisation

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.0.4

  • adding the possibility to select general location tax
  • fixing Google filed shipping size problem (adding missing units)
  • removing unnecessary fields from the Facebook feed
  • encoding issues fixed

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.0.3

  • added identifire_exists field for the Google feed

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.0.2

  • minor bugs fixed

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.0.1

  • variable products price fix

Product Catalog Feed Pro 3.0

  • Additional fields were added to the Facebook feed: 5 custom label fields (Facebook is now using them) and shipping related fields)
  • Tax option: you can include or exclude tax. If your TAX is based on the customer address you must select the tax country each time you generate a feed.
  • HOT: Google Merchant feed

Product Catalog Feed Pro 2.0.7

  • fixing encoding  issues

Product Catalog Feed Pro 2.0.6

  • fixing product title encoding issues
  • fixing feed generation and auto-update potential problems

Product Catalog Feed Pro 2.0.5

  • improving the way cache is used
  • fixing an encoding error

Product Catalog Feed Pro 2.0.4

  • License admin option added: you can now deactivate or replace existing license

Product Catalog Feed Pro 2.0.3

  • Fixed a Brand and Condition mapping error

Product Catalog Feed Pro 2.0.2

  • Replace capital letters in product title option
  • Use variation description when present option
  • Improve variation URLs

Product Catalog Feed Pro 2.0.1

  • Update error fix

Product Catalog Feed Pro 2.0

  • Major Release
  • Filter products by sale
  • Filter products by type
  • Filter products by stock
  • Option to remove variations IDs from the feed
  • Reorganize fields in a logical, user-friendly way
  • Remove additional fields that are not used by Facebook

Product Catalog Feed Pro 1.9.1

  • Fixing errors with multisite installs

Product Catalog Feed Pro 1.9

  • Fixing product image error

Product Catalog Feed Pro 1.8

  • Fixing multisite errors
  • Adding Uncategorized in the category selector

Product Catalog Feed Pro 1.7

  • removing Description and Short Description limits

Product Catalog Feed Pro 1.6

  • Fixing encoding errors

Product Catalog Feed Pro 1.5

  • Adding Product Image in the mapping options. The default image will be the Feature Image, but if the dimension is not right, you can select Product Image instead.

Product Catalog Feed Pro 1.4

  • Adding support for shortcodes in product title or description
  • Fixing minor errors

Product Catalog Feed Pro 1.3

Potential Admin error fix

Product Catalog Feed Pro 1.2

Fixing incompatibility problem with old PHP versions

Product  Catalog Feed Pro 1.1

  • Add additional image links
  • Fixed a syntax error for older PHP versions

Product Catalog Feed Pro 1.0