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WooCommerce Events Facebook and Pinterest Parameters

Your WooCommerce events will track a large number of Facebook pixel and Pinterest tag parameters that you can use for Custom Audiences, Custom Conversions, or inside Facebook Analytics.

  • content_name: the name of the products
  • category_name: the product categories
  • tags: the product tags
  • num_items: the number of products in the cart
  • subtotal: for the InitiateCheckout event
  • value: the event value, mandatory for the Purchase event
  • currency: your store currency
  • product_price: the price of the product
  • user_role: the type of user firing the event
  • domain: the domain name
  • traffic_source (pro)
  • UTMs: the UTMs of the landing URL (pro)
  • month: the transaction’s month, based on the visitor’s browser’s time (pro)
  • day: the transaction’s day, based on the visitor’s browser’s time (pro)
  • hour: the hour interval, based on the visitor’s browser’s time (pro)
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