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Track Forms

The Form event

This event will be fired when a form is submitted.

This event will have the following parameters on Facebook and Pinterest:

  • form_class: the CSS class identifying the form
  • content_name
  • content_category
  • tag
  • post_type
  • post_id
  • user’s role
  • domain name
  • plugin’s name
  • traffic_source (pro)
  • UTMs (pro)
  • Visitor’s browser’s time (hour, day, month) (pro)

On Google Analytics it will have the following structure:

  • Event Category: Form
  • Event Action: the form page URL
  • Event Label: the CSS class identifying the form

How to use the Form Event on Facebook

Using the event’s parameters and the page URL you can identify specific forms, like contact, newsletters signups, and so on. This way you can create Custom Conversions and optimize your ads for that particular action. You can also build Custom Audiences for retargeting, and Lookalikes to find new potential users.

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