Track Downloads

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The Download event

This event will be fired when a file is downloaded. You can configure what file formats will count as a download.

This event will have the following parameters on Facebook and Pinterest:

  • download_name: the name of the downloaded file
  • download_type: the file format (jpg, png, zip, and so on)
  • download_url: the exact URL of the downloaded file
  • content_name
  • content_category
  • tag
  • post_type
  • post_id
  • user’s role
  • domain name
  • plugin’s name
  • traffic_source (pro)
  • UTMs (pro)
  • Visitor’s browser’s time (hour, day, month) (pro)

On Google Analytics it will have the next structure:

  • Event Category: Download
  • Event Action: the downloaded file URL
  • Event Label: the downloaded file name

How to use the Download Event on Facebook

You can use it to create Custom Audiences or Custom Conversions. Its parameters will allow you to identify exactly the downloads you need to target.