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The Comment event

This event will be fired when a comment is posted on your website.

On Facebook and Pinterest, the event will have the following parameters:

  • content_name
  • content_category
  • tag
  • post_type
  • post_id
  • user’s role
  • domain name
  • plugin’s name
  • traffic_source (pro)
  • UTMs (pro)
  • Visitor’s browser’s time (hour, day, month) (pro)

On Google Analytics, the event will have this structure:

  • Event Category: Comment
  • Event Action: the URL where the comment was posted
  • Event Label: the page title

How to use the Comment Event on Facebook

The most obvious way to use it is to create Custom Audiences, but you can also come up with some niche strategies involving Custom Conversions when your aim is to generate discussions and feedback.