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Facebook ID Settings

Treat variable products like simple products

Turn this option ON if your Facebook Product Catalog doesn’t include variations. The plugin will use the ID of the main item for variations and will send content_type as “product” instead of “product_group”.

Content_ids Options

You have two options for the Facebook events content_ids parameter:

  • product ID
  • product SKU

You can also add a prefix or a postfix

How is the content_ids parameter used

This particular parameter is used to match your store products with items from your Facebook Product Catalog.

A Product Catalog is used for Dynamic Product Ads.

There are several ways to create and keep updated a Product Catalog. We also have a dedicated plugin that can help you with it.

It important that the content_ids logic is the same one as the ID field from the products inside the Product Catalog.

If the products are not matched you will see a warning reported by Pixel Helper Chrome extension: “Can’t match products” or a similar text.

If you’re not doing Dynamic Product Ads, you can ignore it.

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