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About Events


Events are small pieces of code sending information about what your visitors are doing on your website. With events, you can track important actions, like key page visits.

Events Parameters

Each event can have a number of parameters, sending additional information about that particular action. Facebook and Pinterest events can have any sorts of parameters, while Google Analytics events have a rigid structure.

PixelYourSite Events

PixelYourSite automatically tracks a number of key events (Global Events). On top of that, you can also configure your own events under the Events tab.

On the Events tab, you will find a list of all the events you’ve configured previously (if any). Move your mouse over each event and a few options will pop up: Disable/Enable and Remove. Additionally, you can bulk edit your events.

The events table will show a few key pieces of information:

  • Name: the name you gave to your event
  • Trigger: the trigger of the event, like Page Visit, Element Click, URL Click, Element Mouseover, Scroll
  • Networks: this can be Facebook, Google Analytics, and Pinterest

Enable/Disable Events

If for some reason you need to disable all your events you can do it from the top switcher. Save the settings after you change it.

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