Facebook has these NEW Standard Pixel Events

Facebook is expanding its current set of standard events to cater to more verticals and businesses.

These new standard Pixel events will enable advertisers to:

  • Access measurement, targeting and optimization tools more aligned with their true business value
  • Reduce the improper use of existing standard events,  custom events and custom conversions

The new standard events are: Contact, Customize Product, Donate, Find Location, Schedule, Start Trial, Submit Application and Subscribe. They’re designed to offer a wider range of businesses the opportunity to identify and track very specific actions.

The new events will behave just like Facebook’s other Standard Events and will follow a similar implementation. If you use PixelYourSite to manage your Facebook Pixel, the plugin has been updated to include the new events. You can find them when you create or edit an event, from the Events tab.


Website ActionDescriptionPixel event codeRelevant verticals
SubscribeThe start of a paid subscription for a product or service you offer.fbq(‘track’, ‘Subscribe’);– eCommerce
– Entertainment & Media
– Publishing
– Telco
– Technology
CustomizeProductThe customization of products through a configuration tool or other application your business owns.fbq(‘track’,  ‘CustomizeProduct’);– Automotive
– Financial Services
– eCommerce
– Travel
FindLocationWhen a person finds one of your locations via web or application, with an intention to visit (example: find product at a local store).fbq(‘track’, ‘FindLocation’);– Automotive
– Financial Services
– eCommerce
– Retail
StartTrialThe start of a free trial of a product or service you offer (example: trial subscription).fbq(‘track’, ‘StartTrial’);– eCommerce
– Entertainment & Media
– Publishing
SubmitApplicationThe submission of an application for a product, service or program you offer (example: credit card, educational program or job).fbq(‘track’,  ‘SubmitApplication’);– Financial Services
– Automotive
– Education
ScheduleThe booking of an appointment to visit one of your locations.fbq(‘track’, ‘Schedule’);– Financial Services
– Automotive
– Retail
– Professional Services
ContactA telephone/SMS, email, chat or other type of contact between a customer and your business.fbq(‘track’, ‘Contact’);– Several
DonateThe donation of funds to your organization or cause.fbq(‘track’, ‘Donate’);– Non-profit

For the ‘Subscribe’ and ‘StartTrial’ events there are also some recommended parameters:

valueValue of a user performing this event to the business e.g. value for a 3-month plan of $9.99 per month would be $29.97.
predicted_ltvIf available, predicted lifetime value of a subscriber as defined by the advertiser and expressed as an exact value.
currencyCurrency for the value and/or predicted_ltv parameters specified.

How to use the new events

At the moment PixelYourSite doesn’t have any automatic integration for these new events, so you will have to configure them by yourself.

If you think one of the new events makes sense for your business, open PixelYourSite dashboard, click on the Events tab and on the Add button. Now you can start to configure your event.

There are several trigger type you can select from:

  1. Page visited
  2. URL Clicked
  3. Click on CSS Selector
  4. Mouseover on CSS Selector
  5. Page scrolled to a position

Enable the event for Facebook and select the one you want to use from the events list (there is a selector for that). Customize or add the relevant parameters.

If you want, you can track the same action on Google Analytics or Pinterest (if you use our free add-on). There you can also customize the event, giving it a relevant name and adding parameters.

Once done, save your new event. From now it will start to fire according to the trigger condition.

On Facebook, the new event will be automatically available for ads optimization and tracking. You will also be able to use it for Custom Audiences and Lookalikes.

Updating ad metrics

Metrics reporting interactions from a single channel will be replaced with metrics that report on the cost of these actions across web, mobile and offline.

For example, Cost per Website Purchase, Cost per Mobile App Purchase and Cost per Offline Purchase will be replaced with a single Cost per Purchase metric. This metric aggregates and collectively reports purchases across all three channels as part of a single, new metric.

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  1. We want to re-target people who come to our website but DON’T call us or fill out form. This way we have a way to try to bring that potential customer back to the website to get them to call us or fill out the form. Is it possible by pixel your site pro?


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