PixelYourSite 7 Update

The latest PixelYourSite V 7.0.1 update fixes a few bugs. Here are the main ones:

  • License expiration message for valid licenses – it can happen on some server configurations
  • PHP error when trying to save anything – it can happen on some server configurations, is not widespread.
  • compatibility issues with older PHP versions (PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5).


If you’re updating from v6, you don’t need to do anything special, update the plugin as usual.

If you’re updating from v 7.0.0 :

If you see a message saying that “Your license key is expired”, but you still have a valid license, you must re-activate it first:

  • open PixelYourSite Pro left side menu and click on the “Licenses” link. Click on the “Activate License” button. If you have the Super Pack or the Pinterest Add-on, click on their buttons too.
  • Update the plugin from the WordPress plugin updates as usual.

If you can’t save the plugin settings because of a 500 error:

  • Log in to your account on our site using your email and password.
  • Download the plugin files on your computer
  • Open your WordPress Plugins page, deactivate and delete the plugin.
  • Upload the files from your computer, just like you did the first time when you installed it. Activate the plugin. If you don’t remember how to do it, we have a help page here
  • Activate the license: open PixelYourSite Pro left side menu and click on the “Licenses” link. Click on the “Activate License” button.
If you have the Super Pack or the Pinterest Tag Add-on, repeat the above steps for them too.

PixelYourSite V7 it’s a major update. You have NEW features, and the code will run faster and better.

If you’re updating from an older version, please read this page first. There are a few things you must know about.


What to do if you are updating from an older version


Backup first: as with any major plugin update, it’s wise to do a backup of your site.


Events: If you have events created from our Events tab, check each of them to make sure they work as expected. We try hard to import all the events into the new set-up, but you never know what can go wrong.


WooCommerce: take a look at your WooCommerce pixel settings. We try to import everything, but it’s better to be sure about it. You will also notice some nice and cool stuff there.


Easy Digital Downloads: the same as above, check your settings.


Head & Footer scripts: check if all your custom scripts have been kept after the update.


Google Analytics: add your Google Analytics ID. PixelYourSite implements now a complex and super-useful GA integration.


The Super Pack: if you use the Super Pack, you need to update it too. It was heavily modified in order to support the new features.


Pinterest Tag: this free add-on also has a major update to keep things going


Check our new help section: familiarize yourself with the new plugin


We did our best to make the transition problem free, so we don’t expect any issues, but it’s always advisable to keep an eye on things when major changes are implemented.

Some of the NEW useful features


Google Analytics: super-simple integration with complex data tracking. Find more


Automatically track every key action: clicks, searches, user sign-ups, embedded videos, forms, comments, downloads, everything is tracked and send to FACEBOOK, GOOGLE ANALYTICS, or PINTEREST.


Better Events: it’s easier now to configure your own events and you can enable them for each network, Facebook, Google Analytics, or Pinterest.


WooCommerce: more complex WooCommerce integration, with virtually everything tracked


WooCommerce: Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce implementation


Easy Digital Downloads: better integration, with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce implementation


Pinterest Tag: we’ve improved the usability of our Pinterest integration


GDPR: we’ve added to more “cookie consent” plugins integrations and we now have filters to control each network. Details here


How to update to V7

This update is available for all our Baby, Lord, and King valid license holders


After the roll-out, the update will be available for you inside your WordPress admin, just like any other update


You can also download the latest version of the files from inside your account with us


If you have an EXPIRED license, you can’t update, you need to renew your license first



Go to your account

Look for the “Renew license” link and click on it

Once you have renewed it, open your WordPress admin and click on PixelYourSite left side menu. Open the “Licenses & Add-ons” link, “deactivate” and “activate” the license again. You need to do this step ONLY if the license was already expired when you renew it.


If your license is expired you can still use the plugin on the websites where it is already installed, but you can’t activate it on new websites and you don’t have access to updates and support. More details inside our license agreement
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