How to Avoid Spending Your Money on Bouncing Users – Facebook Ads

bounceBouncing users are a reality that we all face. It’s a giving fact that some of our visitors are going to leave the site fast.. A bouncing rate of around 40-50% is normal, but it means that almost half of the people on the site were not really interested in what you have to offer.

Maybe not  all of them are immune to what you have to say or sell, but what about those really hardcore bouncers, those staying just a bunch of seconds on your site.

Would you want to spend your money retargeting these really fast bouncing users with your Facebook Ads?

If the answer to this question is NO, there is an elegant and simple solution.

Delay Facebook Pixel Events

We recommend you to use PixelYourSite GeneralEvent as the base for most of your Custom Audiences. It is flexible and pulls all sort of useful data, like page name, category, tags, traffic source or ID. Because of that you can create and experiment with some pretty powerful Custom Audiences that you can retarget later, or use to expand your reach with Lookalike Audiences.

One of the GeneralEvent useful features is the delay option. You just have to set a delay time in seconds, avoiding to fire the event for those users leaving the site very fast.

Delay Events for WooCommerce

The same principle applies when it comes to a WooCommerce site.

With PixelYourSite Pro you can delay the ViewContent Event, excluding bouncing users from any Custom Audience based on it, or from the automatic Dynamic Ads retargeting campaigns.

TIP: It is better to add a lower time that the desired one because the pixel code will not load instantaneously. The loading time will vary depending on the internet speed, browser, computer and so on, but you better take that into consideration. For a desired 20 seconds delay you can add something like 15-18 seconds.

Why not having this option for the other events?

It doesn’t make sense to delay all the events. Some of them are only triggered when an action occurs, like the AddToCart or Purchase events, for example. It makes no sense to delay a Purchase event since it will only fire when someone finalizes the transaction for real. No bouncing is possible at this moment, regardless of how much tine the user spends on the event page.

The same goes when it comes to Dynamic Events. They will be triggered when a key action is performed by a user, making any delay option useless, or even dangerous.

PixelYourSite Pro has another event triggered on all the site pages: TimeOnPage Event. It measures the time spent by your site visitors on each page. Since this event only fires when the visitor leaves the page, there is no way, or sense to delay it.

For those reasons, you only have the delay option for the GeneralEvent and for the WooCommerce ViewContent Event.

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