Take a look at this short video about how to add Pixel Events on page load with PixelYourSite:


Facebook Pixel Events are pieces of code within the pixel, that are sending important data to Facebook. An event can be triggered when a URL is loaded. There are also Dynamic Events, that can be loaded when an important action takes place on a page, like a click on a link.

This help section refers to Events triggered on page load. There is a distinct section for Dynamic Events .

Events can be used to:

  • optimize your ads for conversion, by selecting an event type as your objective (only standard events supported)
  • create Custom Audiences by using Custom Combination

How to add Standard or Custom Events triggered on page load

  • Select the second tab in the plugin menu, “Events”
  • Click the “Add New Event Button”
  • In the popup window, add the URL of the page where you want to insert the event. You can also add a partial URL if you add * at the end of the string (http://www.example.com/something* will match every URL starting with http://www.example.com/something)
  • After you select an Event type, the default parameters for that event will be available for you to add. You can add all of them or just some, according to your needs.


  • If this is the first time you are using “Events” option, check Activate Events checkbox
  • Click “Save Settings” button


Add Custom Event Code (advanced users only)

  • Select “Add custom event code”
  • Copy/paste the event code in the text area and then click “Add” button
  • The code should be complete, like in this example:
fbq('track', 'ViewContent', { 
    content_type: 'product',
    content_ids: ['1234'],
    content_name: 'ABC Leather Sandal',
    content_category: 'Shoes'
    value: 0.50,
    currency: 'USD'

Manage Existing Events

If you have any events created on your website, they will be listed in the special events area. You can see the type of each event, the URL where is triggered, and the code of the event. You can edit or delete each event from there.