WooCommerce Facebook Pixel Integration

Automatic WooCommerce Facebook pixel configuration with ZERO effort and NO CODING.

Conversion value is tracked, and you can customise the value parameter for each event.

All the Dynamic Product Ads events and parameters are implemented.

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Automatically install all the events

The plugin will automatically install all the e-commerce specific events, tracking any important action, like product or category view, add to cart, remove from cart, checkout and purchase.

Track everything with events parameters

A huge range of useful data is added as parameters, like product names, categories, tags, the use of coupons, the time of the transaction and many more.

Facebook E-commerce events are fired automatically

The plugin captures every action on your store by firing the e-commerce Facebook specific events.

Purchase Event

The Purchase Event will fire on the “Thank You Page” – the order-received page, where the user lands after completing the transaction. You can use Custom Thank You Pages with our Super-Pack.

InitiateCheckout Event

The InitiateCheckout Event will be fired on the Checkout Page.

AddToCart Event

The AddToCart Event will be fired on the add to cart button clicks. You configure it to be fired on the Cart Page or on the Checkout Page if you need to.

RemoveFromCart Event

The RemoveFromCart Event will be fired when product are removed from the cart

ViewCategory Event

The ViewCategory Event will be fired on product category pages.

ViewContent Event

The ViewContent Event is added to all your product pages

Lead Event

A Lead Event can be fired on the WooCommerce affiliate products buttons clicks

AddPaymentInfo Event

An AddPaymentInfo Event can be configured on the PayPal Standard button clicks

Dynamic Product Ads Ready

The WooCommerce events are Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) ready, having the appropriate parameters:

  • content_ids
  • content_type

The plugin is very flexible, letting you select different content_ids parameter rules (ID or SKU), or to treat variable products as simple products, in case you want your DPA to show only the main item and not the variations.

Treat variable products like simple products – if you enable this option, variations IDs won’t be used for Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) matching. This way your DPA will only show the main product and not variations.

Fine-tuned conversion value for each event

You can turn ON/OFF and setup value rules for each WooCommerce event.

Include or exclude tax and shipping

As the base for your events’ value, you can use the WooCommerce price logic (the exact price, as it is visible on your site for each client), or personalize it, by including or excluding the tax and the shipping cost (the shipping cost can be added to the Purchase event only).

Turn value ON/OFF for each event

You can turn ON/OFF the value for almost all your WooCommerce events.

Only the Purchase event must always have the value parameter.

Use the correct value for each event

For each WooCommerce event you can use the following value logic:

  • product price
  • product price percent (super useful, it can help you improve your conversion)
  • a global value

Using the right event’s value can be crucial: too big, and it can increase the cost of your ads, too small or missing, and it can affect their deliverability. Experiment with these settings.

Fire the Purchase event on transaction only

This option makes sure that the Purchase Event is not fired on a simple page refresh or visit. The event will be triggered only after the real transaction takes place, keeping your stats closer to reality.

Events Parameters

A huge number of parameters will be tracked, ready for Custom Audiences, Lookalikes, Custom Conversions, and Facebook Analytics:

Content_type and content_ids are tracked in order for Dynamic Product Ads (DPA) to work.

Value and currency are tracked, and you can fine-tune your value parameter.

Total (order total), tax, and shipping_cost, together with shipping methodpayment method, and the order_id are also tracked.

For registered clients, you’ll have the number of transactionslifetime value and the average order valueUser role is also tracked.

Content_name will track each product name, and you also have category_name, tags, num_items (the number of products) parameters.

Your client location goes under 3 specific parameters: townstatecountry.

The exact time of the transaction is tracked using your client browser’s time: hour, day, month. Especially useful if you sell in multiple time zones.

Traffic source and UTMs are also added as parameters.

Your domain name is added as a parameter, in order to help when you use the same pixel on multiple stores.

The use of coupons is tracked by coupon_used and coupon_name parameters.

Custom Advanced Marketing Events

Custom Advanced Marketing Events will fire when an important client makes a purchase. Use them to find new clients via Lookalikes.

FrequentShopper Event

Fired when client reaches a minimum number of transactions. You can define this number, by default is 2.

VIPClient Event

Fired when a client reaches a minimum number of transactions and a minimum average order value. By default is set at 3 transactions and an average value of  200.

BigWhale Event

Fired when the client LifeTime Value reaches a minimum. By default is set at 500, but you can change it as you want.

Advanced Matching will increase your conversion attribution

Securely send Facebook the data that you have about your customers, like the name, email, phone number or address. This will increase conversion attribution and remarketing results, letting Facebook make a better match with a real account.

Export your customers for LTV Lookalikes

Export an Lifetime Value (LTV) customers file and use it to make LTV Lookalikes. This is a Facebook recommended strategy that can help you find new potential customers.

How to use all these features:

Optimize your ads for the right objective

The Purchase Event is the right choice in most cases when it comes to ads optimized for Conversion.

Get more specific with Custom Conversions

If you want, you can define a conversion using one of the events and its parameters.

In this example, a conversion will be considered when the order value is over $450 and at least one product is from the Phones category.

Custom Conversions can be used for ads optimization and can be tracked by your ads reports.

Be always ready to retarget your clients

Make a Custom Audience from your Purchase Event.

And find new customers with Lookalike Audiences

Use your Purchase Event CA as the base for your Lookalikes

Be creative with your retargeting campaigns

Here’s Custom Audience of buyers from the last 30 days that didn’t use a coupon.  They might be interested in one.

Track conversion and ads’ performance with custom reports

Configure custom reports to show the performance of each key event fired on your site. You will better understand how your ads really perform.

The plugin is so useful, we could easily sell it for $1000. But we don’t! Find out the actual prices: