Lifetime Value

Use your clients lifetime value to reach new potential customers with LTV Lookalikes

The LTV is a PixelYourSite Pro feature

What’s the Lifetime Value (LTV)


PixelYourSite Pro calculates the total value of  all your clients’ orders (WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads) and lets you use it in two ways:


by exporting a customers file with LTV,

by adding it as a parameter for the Purchase Event

Use the LTV customers file for Lookalikes


Facebook recommendation: use the LTV customers file to create lookalikes more similar to your most valuable customers


Export the LTV customers file with PixelYourSite Pro

Import the file into an LTV Custom Audience

Make a Lookalike from the LTV Custom Audience

Make Lookalikes starting from the Purchase Event and the lifetime_value parameter


This strategy won’t require any file exporting.


Create a Custom Audience (CA) based on the Purchase event and the lifetime_value parameter.

Use an appropriate value for the LTV parameter, so that only the most valuable clients will qualify.

Make a Lookalike based on this CA.

The Lifetime Value works with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads

Use your clients’ LTV with PixelYourSite PRO: