How to use Facebook Pixel with Easy Digital Downloads

PixelYourSite PRO integrates with Easy Digital Downloads. You can find more details hereWith thousands of users all over the world, Easy Digital Downloads is one of the most used WordPress plugins when it comes to selling digital products. While PixelYourSite currently doesn’t have a dedicated setup for EDD like it has for WooCommerce (is on our to-do list), you can still use the free version of the plugin to insert the Facebook Pixel code and track key events.

How to manage Facebook Pixel code for EDD with PixelYourSite

  1. Insert the code  on every page of your website

  • Install and activate PixelYourSite free plugin: Download from WordPress
  • Insert your Facebook Pixel ID inside the dedicated field
  • Check the “Activate Plugin General Settings” box
  • Click “Save Settings” button


2. Add InitiateCheckout and Purchase events

  • Open the second tab, “Standard Events Setup”
  • Copy/paste the URL of your Checkout page. It should be something like this:
  • Select InitiateCheckout event from the “Select Event” field
  • Click on the “Add More Events” button
  • Copy/paste the ULR of your Thank You page with a * at the end. It should be something like this:* (if you add * at the end of the string the event will trigger on every URL starting with that string)
  • Check “Activate Standard Events Setup” and click “Save Standard Events Setup” button


That’s it! You can now start making money on Facebook

This is a basic Facebook Pixel setup for an Easy Digital Download website that will let you do some cool stuff like:

Create Custom Audiences

Facebook will track every visitor  on your website with an active Facebook account and build a custom audience for you. There are some nice options to create audiences based on conditions like “people who visited this URL in the last 30 days”, or “people who visited this URL but not this one in the last 180 days”.

Create Lookalike Audiences

This is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal in the Facebook marketing universe. Facebook will find new users that are similar with the visitors of your website and will let you target them with ads.

Track ads conversion

Read this article with tips on how to optimize your Facebook Ads Reports

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